Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Day of School

Well, the first day of school was an unqualified success. Kinsey got off without any problems at all. She went into her room with her teacher, Ms. C, sat down at her desk, and started doing a puzzle. Sheryl and I stood there, watching her. We eventually left and were off.

I did fine. Honestly, I leave her everyday for work and doing this wasn't that different for me. Yes, I understand the significance of it, but it just was part of things. Sheryl had a couple of tears. She's losing her buddy. Her little shadow throughout the day.

We went back and got her before noon. She had a great time and even learned something. She learned what nocturnal means. Her first knowledge gained through school. The beginning trickle of a flow of knowledge. A ... well, I've run out of metaphors, so here are some pictures.

Pre-hair fixing. Daddy getting ready to take the dumb dog out.

A healthy breakfast is the key to a good day, but we only have Cheerios.

Backpack packed. Child ready to go.

"Bye Mommy and Daddy! Hey, why are you still here?"

The end of a long day.

And just for fun...

Well... it is.


Jennifer Thompson said...

Hey, Cheerios ARE healthy! I eat them every morning. Whole grain goodness.

Glad to see the first day was such a success!

greg said...

the "end of a long day" photo looks familiar. when my daughter started kindergarten 2 years ago, she fell asleep at the table after dinner. we have the picture of her sitting in the chair, head on table, sound asleep.

amanda said...

cheerio? weetabix is where it's at!

fabricsnob said...

very cute. I love the first day of school pictures.

amanda said...

i remember my first day of kindergarten picture on the patio grinning with my hair in dog ear's/pig tails ready to go w/ my wonder woman book satchel!!

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