Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I don't have any pictures yet, but we signed Kinsey up for coach pitch baseball this year. She's obviously been doing dance for the last year and loved it and we wanted to put her in something that was outside and also a team game. I like how at this point it's not a competitive thing. Each team bats around once and then the other team bats around.

What's been the most amusing to me is watching the different reactions the kids have to the game. Kinsey's not the most gifted athlete but really has a lot of fun playing the game and particularly running the bases. When a ball is hit directly to her, she'll field it; however, when it's more than three feet away from her, it's someone else's, usually because several of the boys on the team (she's one of two girls) has run over to it and just created a pile on to get to the ball.

So far it's really been a lot of fun and I'm glad that Kinsey really seems to be enjoying it. Check back later tonight or tomorrow, and I'll add some pictures from today's game.


And here are some pictures.

Kinsey's team, the Mudcats

Pre swing and yes, those are pink cleats

Mid Swing

In the ready position

And a very short video


amanda said...

i love that Kinsey has pinkified baseball!

fabricsnob said...

I agree with Amanda. I'm hoping to catch her last game.

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