Monday, October 01, 2007

Zoe Conference 2007

So, who's coming to Nashville this week? I'm very much looking forward to hearing Brian McLaren speak again. Whether or not I agree with him (or if some think Zoe is going "liberal" for having speakers like him and Lauren Winner last year), I really enjoy the thinking he's brought to Christianity and always stretches me theologically. I'm looking forward to hearing Randy Harris as well.

(As an aside to people who have no clue what the Zoe Group is about. It is a worship renewal group that started within Churches of Christ about 10 or 11 years ago. Every year they release a CD of music that is distributed throughout many Churches of Christ with music that is used in many worship settings. They also hold conferences with the largest in Nashville in October that focus on worship, leadership, and discipleship. The speakers for the last three years have been Brian McLaren, Leonard Sweet, last year, Lauren Winner, and this year, McLaren is back). It is probably the largest gathering of progressive Churches of Christ in the country, at least in the Southeast. The conference is Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, at Woodmont Hills Church on Franklin Road.)

I'll make a shameless plug and also recommend Doug Sanders' Saturday session called Wholistic Christianity - Living the Christian Life 24/7/365 at 8:30am. Doug used to be the VP of Ice Cream at Purity Daries and left there to become the Director of Ministries at Otter Creek. In doing that, he discovered a heart for ministry to the poor and those in serious need. If you want to hear more about his story, you can do so here. But I know his session will be great.

The other thing I really enjoy about the conference is seeing in person the other people from Blogworld. Last year, I met TCS in person, as well as Amy, and had just a lovely conversation with Nancy French, along with several others, like Jettybetty.

So is anyone else out there coming this year?


Anonymous said...

I think music from Dallas Christian Sound beats Zoe music hands down. I think large congregational singing sounds so much better than half a dozen or however many you have.

chris said...

"Going liberal?" I'm afraid it's already gone.

Adam said...

I'll be there for the Leadership Conference...but you already knew that.

Rob Cox said...

I'll be home with the kids doing the Mr. Mom thing while Clarissa is there for the weekend part of the conference. She will be on a panel about arranging music. Hope you get a lot out of the conference.

Phil said...

anonymous, I haven't heard the Dallas Christian Sound, so I can't comment on it. I do know that Zoe's stuff at the conference is congregational with the 8-12 members of the praise team leading, so I'm not sure what the difference is.

And chris... was that intended to be insulting, complimentary, or simply descriptive?

Justin said...

Chris is a troll, but doesn't know it.

If we're talking war and peace issues at zoe conference, I'd say we're going conservative. You know, like the early church, who refused to serve communion to those that fought in battle.

Is McLaren at the Leadership Conference or the Worship Conference. I'd love to talk to him, seeing as his writing pretty much saved my faith in God.

Anonymous said...

I was referring to the CD's that Zoe puts out--Dallas Christian Sound has Congregational singing led by Ray Walker. The best!

Greg said...

I've only been once, with our team in Huntsville when we lived over there. It was 2003, I believe. Would love to be there this year, but unfortunately it won't be happening.

By the way, I've heard some DCS stuff online. Not even close to Zoe. I've not heard anything from the CoC's that compares to Zoe, although the one True Lift cd I have comes pretty close.

TCS said...

not making it this year. Just didn't fit the schedule. Look forward to your review of McLaren. The new book has some good thought provoking parts. I wonder if he will talk about it or about other issues.

Clarissa said...

Ah, Ray Walker. I'm guessing it's a different sound altogether. I sang at many funerals with him when I lived in Nashville the first time, so I'm familiar with his style. He has a beautiful voice, actually used to sing with his group who did some backup for Elvis (the Jordanaires, am I right?) Anyway, he enjoyed his fair share of solos, himself, I recall. :-)

As Rob said -- I'll be there. It's been two years, so I'm excited.

Snapshot said...

Not coming. Registration was a bit high for me this year and my current budget (add in hotel, gas and meals). My son turned 16 and the insurance is draining all our funds. I will be buying the CD to learn the wonderful new songs. The CDs have meant a great deal to me over the years. Actually they've meant more than I can even put words too.

"anonymous" I wasn't aware there was a competition. If we can be blessed and encouraged to look toward heaven with Zoe CDs or whoever you mentioned, why must you be bitter and confrontational? Make so sense to me.

Here's a quote for the day with apologies up front for not being able to give someone credit for saying this. It fits regardless of whether you consider yourself progressive, liberal, conservative or "anti".

"You don't want to judge Christ by Christians, someone once said. He is perfect, they are not."

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