Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: The Line

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Two words: Wow... Crappy. Seriously, I usually watch the episode with the commentary the next day on NBC.com and I just couldn't do it. Not with this one. It was that bad to me. Look, that thing that I talked about a couple of weeks ago "My fear is that the writers are running out of steam. They're running out of steam with the characters that we got to know and love last year, and so they're introducing new characters so they don't have to have the other characters in each week, thus exhausting their stories." I'm becoming more convinced that this is happening. The best part of last week was the Nathan Petrelli/Parkman storyline. Where was that this week? Nonexistent.

The best part of this week was the HRG in the Ukraine storyline. We saw the levels that he's willing to stoop to to get what he wants, even removing the memory of a dead daughter and then killing the Company man. We saw the paintings and that will be interesting. My biggest complaint was a continuity one. How could it be daylight in Russia and daylight in California at the same time (referencing the scene where Claire calls Bennett)?

Everything else felt badly written. Sylar seemed like he needed to be twirling a handlebar mustache while he talked about how evil he is. I mean, geez louise. Just terrible and a storyline that's going nowhere fast.

Claire and West? Boring. Unless West ends up evil. Then he's evil and boring.

Mohinder is back to taking his stupid pills again. Seriously, he trusts Bob? And thinks he can make calls from within the Company and not be detected? And now he's working with Jessiki?

Hiro and Kenzei is really stupid now. Kenzei betrays Hiro and Yaeko over love? Seriously? And what's Ando's purpose? To give James Kyson Lee screen time? Give him something real to do!

Peter and Caitlyn make it to Montreal and then to post-apocalyptic New York? Wait, haven't we seen that before? Like last season?

Look I still like the show. I'm still going to watch it, but I'm not on a blind bandwagon here. When it's bad, I'll call it bad. And last night, it was bad. Like Alan Sepinwall said and this article referred to as well.

My score: D+, just for the HRG stuff. Next week needs to not suck.


Jeff said...

I'm with you, Phil. I know Times Square is one of the most recognized places in the world, but do they have to keep going back to it? Last season, nuclear fallout, this season, a virus epidemic (supposedly-I imagine Jessiki will inject someone with Bob's virus, starting the chain reaction). What's next season? Alien invasion at the Statue of Liberty?

Hiro's love story is played out. And how many times can they mention the whole space/time continuum dynamic?

Good call on the Sylar/handlebar mustache. Maybe Zach Quinto is too busy practicing his Vulcan lines to spend much effort with this part. (Oh, and Sylar forgot to mention he can melt appliances in addition to hearing a pin drop miles away...a very handy power)

My only positive is that they're starting to put the pieces together with Peter's missing three months with this new character leaving him notes in Montreal.

Karen said...

White nights?? Or is that only in Siberia?

gavin richardson said...

i didn't pay attention that closely this week. i am thinking i'll go back to watching three weeks of episodes online. then things get flushed out a bit better.

Scott said...

I'm done.

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