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Heroes Wednesday: Lizards

Really interesting title image from HeroesWiki

I enjoyed this episode quite a lot, but it honestly felt like a set up episode, getting everything ready for the rest of the season. We have Bennett/HRG/Noah bringing out Issac Mendez' painting of Kaito Nakamura's death and announcing that he had to find the rest of them (had we seen that painting before?) to Hiro convincing Kenzei to go and rescue the swordsmith.

I liked Parkman's subplot and still do. And I loved the whole interview with Mama Petrelli, from her saying that she wasn't sleeping with Kaito (for a long time...) to her yelling at Matt inside her head. It's always great when Matt's power gets subverted just a little, like when Bennett thought in Japanese last year in "Company Man."

Mohinder's role is still interesting, as opposed to the "vengeful" son role last year. I do wonder how much memory the Hatian left. If it was just what we saw or more or less.

Hiro is still having fun, but again, mainly set up for whatever happens with him, Kenzei, and the swordsmith's daughter. I do wonder if Hiro will be the real hero or if Kenzei will. Also, Kenzei as a regenerator? Did he know or not?

Claire is still very teenager-y which I like a whole lot, especially experimenting, but I've got to say that 1) cutting off the toe and its regeneration was simultaneously as cool and gross as her waking up from the autopsy last season; 2) I hope that she picks it up before Mr. Muggles gets to it; and 3) Hey West, peeking in a girl's window doesn't make you desireable; it makes them want to get a restraining order

I'm liking the Peter plot line as well and I like seeing him use his powers. If only we could have seen a bit more of that stuff in, oh, I don't know... THE SEASON FINALE!!! Sheesh.

I'm definitely missing Niki, DL, and Micah. I really want to see what's going on with them and Sylar. As for Maya and Alejandro... boring! I get that she's contagious in some way with her tears and Alejandro is her antidote, but I don't know if it's the actors or what, but this plot isn't as interesting to me as the others.

Like I said, still an enjoyable episode, but I'm eager to see what the payoff will be to all the setup.


Jeff said...

Maybe I assumed too much, but during the HRG and Mohinder phone call, I thought that Mohinder was faking the memory loss to throw off the "company" because he was trying to get the Haitian back to HRG (was that a great reunion, or what?)

I find myself asking a lot of questions, though. Whose power is Peter using with the lightning out of his hands? Ted's nuclear power? Also, when was he with D.L. to get his phasing, or whatever walk through walls power he has? And when did he have time to get a haircut? He was shaggier last season. :)

I'm with you on the Maya/Alejandro storyline. Don't see where they're going with it. I'm also glad that they are giving Isaac some continuing part of the storyline after his death.

elizabeth said...

I really liked this week's episode. Loved Peter using his powers, although Chad and I agreed that he should have used his powers on the guy holding him captive and taken the box away.

Did not like Claire cutting off her toe and did not like West looking in the window...both equally creepy.

What is going on with Nathan?? Who is he now? I don't get it.

As for the twins, I think we just don't know enough about them yet to really like them and care what's going on.

Justin said...

Does the teen boy at the new high school have some sort of powers? I feel like he did, or maybe he's going to, but I don't remember if its my imagination, or if something on the show elluded to him being a hero?

Jeff said...

Justin, if you watched last week's season premiere, it showed him at the end flying away, a la Nathan Petrelli. That led to my comment that they may try to show a "twin" power theme where there is some connection between the two, which was fortified when Takeo Kensei had Claire's power.

malia said...

peeking in a girl's window doesn't make you desireable; it makes them want to get a restraining order

Speaking from experience? Hmmm?

I liked this episode. I cringed when Claire snipped her toe off but hey! regeneration! Cool!

What kills me it not knowing who all the characters are in this "secret" group with Mama Petrelli and Hiro Daddy AND I'm quite certain they have "powers", too but we've never seen them in action. So frustrating!! Plus the whole thing with Kenzei's ( you like how that's kind of close to your daughter's name?) banner being the same symbol we see on the torn photo and Mama Petrelli saying it was her husband's law firm logo. Makes me think this goes way, way back.

Anyway...I'm already really enjoying this season.

Phil said...

Malia, thankfully Sheryl had the order removed and we were able to start dating for real...

Just kidding. Seriously.

Clarissa said...

I totally thought the same thing about Mr. Muggles. Claire runs outside looking for flyboy and leaves that toe goodness-knows-where ... Wasn't that a great POP when she cut it? But you only see it fly. You never see it land.

Anyhoo ... see you tomorrow night.

Kat Coble said...

Are the Irish accents driving you as batty as they are me?

Thomas+ said...

OK, I am calling something right now. I have not heard this from anyone, but I am making a solo prediction: Claire's toe is going to grow into another Claire. Watch for it.

Why not? Claire regenerates. Is the toe not Claire? Why would it not regenerate the rest of her? If Claire lost here head, would the body regenerate a head, or vice versa, or both? Is Claire a lizard? Or is she an earthworm?

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