Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Kinsey Questions

Back in July, I did a thing where I "asked" Connor some questions that some other people had been asking their kids. I've been wanting to do the same thing with Kinsey for a while, but I wanted to do it on video. So last night we did. Now, it's 6 minutes long, and maybe only family will want to watch it, but it is completely adorable to hear the answers Kinsey gives to these questions.

Favorite Food:
Favorite color:
Favorite sport:
Favorite person:
Favorite toy:
Favorite thing to do with Daddy:
Favorite thing to do with Mommy:
Favorite song:
Favorite book:
Favorite Movie:
Favorite TV show:
Favorite Outfit:
Favorite thing to do outside:
What do you want to be when you grow up:
Favorite animal:
Favorite thing to do with Kinsey:
Favorite thing to do with Grandparents:
Favorite thing about God:
Favorite thing about Jesus:
Favorite thing about Holy Spirit:
Favorite thing about going to church:
Favorite place to visit:
Biggest fear:


Suzie said...

I love the whole ballet as a favorite sport...you go, Kinsey!!

Don't you just love this age...

Phil said...


Jennifer Thompson said...

Too cute. She's gotten so grown up.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" "A doctor. And a ballerina teacher. ...That's all."

Well, good to know she's keeping it reasonable. :)

Kristen Brown said...

I commend you and Sheryl. It appears that you have done a wonderful job of keeping a little girl... a little girl. No need to grow up too quickly.

Christy said...

She was so expressive and I love howw she cracked herself up. It seems you have very well rounded little woman growing there.

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