Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: The Kindness of Strangers

I have a creeping fear. My fear is that the writers are running out of steam. They're running out of steam with the characters that we got to know and love last year, and so they're introducing new characters so they don't have to have the other characters in each week, thus exhausting their stories. This week, we didn't see Hiro or Peter or Niki at all. And with the introduction of Monica this week, as well as Maya and Alej-zzzzzzzzz earlier this year, it have this creeping fear that the writers are losing some steam on the stories...

But, right now, I'm still enjoying it. I really thought adding Sylar to the Maya-Alej-zzzzzz story made them instantly more interesting. Monica has a pretty cool power too, but isn't it another one like Peter or Sylar that could make her too powerful or can she only do what her body is capable of? For instance, can she do the wrestling move she saw but not powerlift 500 pounds? One thing I really loved about the Monica/Micah storyline was that long hug he gave her and the focus the camera put on his hand. It made me wonder if he was trying to "fix" her like he fixed the TV.

I also enjoyed how Matt and Nathan worked together. We found out more about Matt, particularly what happened with Janice, and about his father being in the 12, as well as being Molly's boogeyman. We lost Neanderthal Nathan when he lost the beard, but we also saw his reflection in the mirror. And after several rewinds and pauses on the TiVo, it is actually Nathan and not Peter in the reflection, so it answers that question.

The Molly storyline is still good, and I really like the little actress they have for her role I think she does a great job with her stuff.

The Claire West storyline is really doing nothing for me. I hate stereotyping, but maybe this appeals more to women than to men? However, it also feels like we're treading over some of the same ground as last season. Claire and Bennett not being completely honest with each other, leading to the most uncomfortable dinners ever... Liking Lyle's responses at the table.

This one's a B- It still feels like we're treading water, even though there is some movement in good directions with Sylar particularly, and we've got stuff to look forward to with Bennett and the Haitian and Matt knowing where his dad is now.


Clarissa said...

We know where Matt's dad is? Are you so sure? His long-standing power of mind infiltration surely trumps a young child's ability to be sure that what she sees (when looking for him) is real. And where, oh where is Molly now? The inner, suddenly unreachable Molly? Must Micah traverse the long path from The Big Easy to The Big Apple in order to provide the age-appropriate kiss of awakening?

Rob Cox said...

I enjoyed the episode. At the end I was wanting more which is what they want.

I'm with you about the Maya and Alej-zzzzzz plot. I'm interested in seeing Parkman's dad use his powers, finding out what happened to Molly, finding out who is attacking the 12, and the plot about Noah and the Hatian (what is his name anyway?).

I predict that StalkerBoy works for the OWI.

Also, I don't think the writers are losing steam. Last year there were times when we thought there were too many characters too. I think they're trying to build off the foundation they laid last season.

Justin said...

I feel like the Snooze twins were needed in order to bring sylar back into the picture. I mean, the guy was wandering a Mexican desert... his powers aren't working, how else is he supposed to become a threat again? That at least helped me understand why they've been around for the past 4 episodes, while seemingly contributing nothing to the overall plot.

So is Matt's dad the one that's killing off the 12?

I'm getting annoyed with Claire's storyline as well. I don't like the boyfriend... something about him seems dark... and I felt that before I saw the painted of HRG with a bullet through his eye.

Jeff said...

I also think the new boyfriend/stalker is working for the company, and he is the one that killed Mr. Nakamura. Remember what the cop said that whoever killed him would have had to be able to fly? I don't think it was Nathan, although I think they want us to think that. My guess is that the boyfriend is the son of one of the 12.

So what exactly is Monica's power? Immediate learning of what she sees on tv? Captain Couch Potato? How is that a power? If she saw one of those Toyota Tundra commercials could she drive like a stunt driver? What if she was watching an old Kool Aid commercial? Could she break through brick walls (Hey! Kool-Aid man!)

I'm waiting for Leonard Nimoy to show up as a character. Heck, they seem to be giving everyone else a shot. They're going to have to make the show two hours long to fit in all the storylines.

Did I mention I still like the show? Still waiting for Lost, though.

DB Carden said...

I think you are expecting the pace of the show that it was at the end of last season. This seems like the same pace at the beginning of the show when all you heard was that stupid "save the cheerleader, save the world" mantra in every advertisement for the show. It took them how long to get to that point and that was only the middle of the season. Then the plot took off and we all went gah-gah for the show every week.

I say give it time, this is just Chapter Four after all, not Chapter Twenty Seven.

Clarissa said...

Uh, Rob, dude, it's HAITIAN, not Hatian. He doesn't come from Hatland or Hati. (Yeah, I miss ya. No one to torture here.)

Not the cute little flyboy! Can't Claire have SOME little happiness? Why would all you sci-fi wierdos deprive her of that?

I mean, how awesome to be able to really "cut to the core" of things with someone! What a treasure to be vulnerable enough that you can experience the joy & pain of appendage removal and hyper-speed regeneration anytime you want ... together. How assuring and comforting to have someone who's always there to catch you when you fall! Ah, the romance -- I feel a song coming on. Oh, I've got it, I've got it!! Claire is singing (duh) and flyboy's thoughts appear in the bubble above his head, of course.

"Can you read my mind? [nope, I just fly]
Do you know what it is you do to me? [aren't you indestructible?]
Don't know who you are,
Just a friend from another star. [Guess my kissing technique needs work ...]
You can fly, you belong to the sky! [What is this, High School Musical?]
You and I could belong to each other!" [Down with that if you'll STOP with that squawking.]

For Justin: Long, long ago, in an age far, far different from ours, many years before your birth, there was an historic, hallowed movie. Though its special effects are very fake-looking now, they were amazing to this extremely impressionable child; the movie was called Superman. Above is an excerpt of the timeless lyrics from its love theme, bringing to mind another time when a woman was rescued from her ridiculously frequent falls. :-)

Did anyone really focus on the toe as it grew back? N.a.s.t.y.)

Hiya, DBC! Bye now.

Clarissa said...

Okay, I misspelled weirdos. (Had to say it before HE did.) Sorry, weirdos!!
Forgot to eliminate an end parenthesis, too (you can find it if you care, which of course you don't.)

Now I can sleep tonight.

Phil said...

DB, Save the Cheerleader started in Episode 5, but we also had the ongoing save New York from nuclear explosion starting in Episode 2. Just saying.

Kenneth & Victoria said...

Nobody's pointed out two very obvious and disturbing facts about Claire and West that lend palpable suspense to the situation:

1) The only other guy we know of who can fly is her dad.

2) The last cute boy she was gaga over turned out to be her uncle.

Do the math.


Justin said...

Thanks for pointing out that I'm like 12 years younger than the rest of ya'll Clarissa!


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