Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: Kindred

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So... let me get this straight. A guy can peep on a girl, call her out in the middle of the high school hallway, call her out in class, and all you have to do is be able to fly to get her to kiss you? Holy crap, if only I'd known it was that easy.

That notwithstanding I still enjoyed this episode. I really enjoyed having Sylar back. He's evil and loving it. It was good at least knowing something about Niki and Micah, although a belated RIP to DL. A question, did people think that Niki went to the Company because she has the disease or because she's wanting to get rid of her power? I initially thought she wanted to get rid of the power, but I've read theories that she has the disease. And of course, getting our weekly dose of a Star Trek alumna in Nichelle Nichols. Then there was Maya and Al..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh, sorry, I must have dozed off there. We continued the Peter in Ireland storyline with him discovering the powers he has, but just not how to access them. I will say that rewound the scene where Peter was choking the gang's traitor and that look of evil joy on his face was just scary. I sense bad things in Peter's future. Hiro in Japan is still fun and Kenzei is becoming a more interesting character. It seems that now that Hiro has helped him fulfill the stories that he knows, it would be time for him to leave, but it seems he's still attracted to the swordsmith's daughter. I liked how Ando was brought into the fold of the story. I really liked that storytelling trick.

And finally back to the Bennett/Mohinder story.

First off, here's an image of 8/8 (not for the squeamish):

Ok, what do we know about Isaac's paintings. They don't always come true in a very straightforward way. I would say that some don't come true at all, because New York didn't blow up, but the series isn't over yet. What we seem to have here is HRG dead from a bullet to the eye and Claire kissing some unknown guy. It would seem that the way the writers want us to think is that Claire and Peeping Tom the Stalker have killed HRG because he interfered with their love and now they're making out in celebration. I will be very interested to see how this one plays out.

My score: B- mainly because we're still setting up the pieces for whatever will happen.


Jeff said...

I can't believe you didn't mention the corny take on Spiderman with Peter's attempt to find his Ted power. "Lightning!"

Are you kidding me?

I also could do without the soap opera storylines and love triangles. Less kissing, more Sylar!

It was also interesting to see Candice in her real state. I didn't like her very much.

Finally, Peter's look while choking that guy was creepy, but not as creepy as Claire at the end staring through the window at Daddy. I think you're right that they'll try to promote the teenager in love against her parents story, but I'm sure the end of HRG will be twisted in some way with Claire unknowingly making out in the background.

malia said...

I think this theory is interesting.

Maya & Alejandro: I do think it's intriguing that the guy they "rescued" from the Mexican prison is seemingly the same person who stole Claire's Rogue? (But the blatant advertising is ridiculous.)

Not sure what kind of cure Niki's looking for. I'm leaning towards ridding herself of her "power" but wouldn't she want the same treatment for Micah? Which then makes me think it's the virus thingie. But how would she know she has the virus? Confusing, need more info.

malia said...

One other thing that I like is how Peter doesn't remember who he is but has still retained his powers but Sylar does remember who he is but has lost his powers. Again, intriguing!

Jeff said...

I also think the Rogue advertising is getting way overboard. I hadn't put together that it would be the car stolen from Claire. I did think it funny that in Mexican prisons they allow you to keep your car keys while in your cell.

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