Monday, October 08, 2007

Zoe Conference 2007 debrief

I really enjoyed the conference this year. The leadership part was really good, particularly Randy Harris talking about losing his voice, spiritually, as well as his talk in the "discernment" sessions about prioritizing the areas of change in our lives.

McLaren was just great of course, especially his opening talk where he talked about the societal machine and framing stories. His talk Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon were also good, but not as memorable for me personally. I was kind of distracted by a few other things going on, tech wise. I had another close encounter with McLaren that I might talk about later, but maybe not.

Once the worship conference started, my work started. Outside of my kids making a cameo on the screens (must turn off screensaver next year) and a few lyrical and background glitches, I think that side of it went well. My judgment of how well I do tech work is how un-noticeable I am. I wasn't perfect this year, but I don't think it was too bad.

I'm always interested in how the songs are going to be congregationally received and sang. "You Never Let Go" was much better live acapella than I thought it was on the CD, so that was a pleasant surprise. "The Word is Alive" also came across very nicely. "Let God Arise" was generally ok. People seemed to REALLY want to clap on it, but the chorus gets weird with singing on off beats that it kind of died out. "You Are Good" wasn't too bad, but honestly, after hearing Zoe sing that with a Black Gospel group and their band before, this kind of paled in comparison.

Randy and Mike were very good in their talks and Zoe newbie Dean Barnam from Woodmont Hills did a nice job for his first time. I liked watching the painting of course, but I found the blacklight Jesus reveal to be a little bit cheesy. I know a lot of other people liked it, but hey, what can I say?

Probably the best part of the weekend for me was working with Doug Sanders. On Friday, he texted me asking if I would go run a couple of errands with him. I'm usually not able to do this, because of my full time job or on weekends trying to spend some time with my kids, but this time I was. Friday, we went a picked up a little girl whose family Doug has been working with and took her to school after she missed her bus, because she'd been pushed down. Then we took some sleeping bags to a Cub Scout group from the inner city who were going on a camping trip and met their Scoutmaster who is a great great guy. Saturday, he texted me again asking if I would run north of town to take some groceries to a family who got caught up in the food stamp bureaucracy and didn't get their stamps renewed and had no money. So Doug raided the church's refrigerator and went to Publix and we took some food to the hotel where this family of five is having to live right now. They weren't home, so we dropped off the groceries in the lobby with the manager, and Doug made another connection with HER and if she encounters people who need help, she has Doug's number and can call him. And that part to me was the best part of the weekend. Seeing old friends was great. Sitting at the feet of wise men and women was outstanding. Worshiping with great vigor was amazing. Working with a man with a heart for helping others was what truly touched me.


Suzie said...

The technical mistakes actually encourage those who work with AV in smaller churches. Several times I heard " made me feel so good to see that even Zoe messes up..." Maybe you should plan to have a few every year just to give encouragement :)

I bought the new CD for "Never Let Go". I plan on teaching that one at the center.

Phil said...

Here's another little tidbit. We communicate with the stage by text message. BST will let me know the songs he wants to cut or add through it. Whenever you saw him holding up his paper while he was sitting down that was him texting. Doing that prevented several more miscommunications.

TCS said...

well see there you go...making a difference in people's lives.

judy thomas said...

Yes, I believe Doug is the heart of Otter.

malia said...

Dean was the college minister at a CofC in Charlottesville (U. of VA) when DB and I were at VaTech. He had gone to law school there and then left law to go into ministry. We just found out a couple months ago that they had moved here for him to work at Woodmont.

Amy said...

I'm liking this Doug guy without even knowing who he is! Next year I might be game for some of those kinds of errands.

You did a fabulous job with the techie stuff. That would be quite a challenge with all the power points and videos, but you all make it seem easy.

Phil said...

Amy, Doug actually did an 8:30 session on Saturday at the conference called Wholistic Christianity. I would highly recommend getting the CD.

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