Friday, May 25, 2007

A Year of Connor

I'm going to break from theological thoughts today, because it's Connor's birthday.

This year has gone by quickly, but it has been so great having him around. Initially, there's obviously not much difference between having a girl and having a boy. Babies are pretty much babies, except for how they pee. However, I'm definitely starting to see a difference. Connor is a lot braver than Kinsey was. He's perfectly willing to try to climb up steps and do fairly adventurous things. He loves, loves, loves balls. He will play catch for quite a while. Actually, it's someone rolling it to him and then him throwing it back. It's pretty cool.

Now, of course, the difference may not be between a girl and a boy. It might simply be personalities. Nonetheless, there is a difference. It's funny. As much as I love Kinsey and I didn't think I could ever love anyone with that fierce love that a father has for a daughter, I love Connor just as much and it's hard to imagine what it was like to only have one child to put to bed. It's been a great year with him.

Happy birthday, son.

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Jennifer Thompson said...

Happy birthday little buddy! Give him a birthday hug for me.

Justin said...

He's such a sweet kid! I hated that I was so icky the other night, cause I wanted to play with him a little more.

Happy BDay Connor!

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Congrats ... the next 10 years will fly by even faster.

Bobby Valentine

Amy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONNOR! You are precious! :)

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