Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Heroes Wednesday: How to Stop an Exploding Man

So that's it. That's what happens in the end of the season. The Petrelli Brothers fly into the stratosphere and get blown up and Sylar crawls into the sewer, very wounded, but probably alive. Interesting.

Slightly different format this week than tracking the character arcs, mainly since they all collided in Kirby Square.

What I liked
  • I actually liked the final fight. It wasn't as spectacular as it seemed like it could have been, but I wonder if some of that was writing themselves into a corner with Isaac's comic, all of which seemed to come true. Except for the explosion... unless it happens later. I thought Sylar was appropriately powerful, and it was a real struggle for the Heroes to take him down.
  • Hiro taking care of Ando. For a storyline that got way off the rails earlier this year, very, very nice comeback.
  • I loved the interplay between Micah and Molly. Both of them are so adorable and the little grins and smiles they shared just made you know their having fun.
  • I really liked Niki finally realizing that she had access to the super strength and not just Jessica. It also seemed like Jessica willingly stepped aside to allow Niki to care for her family. Of course, stepping aside and being gone are two different things, it would seem. Loved Niki taking the parking meter upside Sylar's head and then how Peter almost immediately got her power with the way he started smacking Sylar around.
  • Noah. It took all season, but I really liked the way we got it. It took the whole season and some good writing and great acting, but now we've got Noah Bennett, not simply HRG. Nicely done.
  • I'll admit, I liked the prologue to next season. Some very interesting possibilities there.
  • Richard Roundtree as Mr. Deavaux. Big shock to see him back and it just makes me ask the question, "Who IS the man that'll stand up for his brother man?"
  • Molly's vision of the one worse than the bogeyman/Sylar. Nice set up for next year.
  • Loved Claire's dive out the window.
What I didn't Like
  • I also didn't like the fight. You're the top show on NBC, darnit! Suits! Pour some money into the show and get us some awesome special effects. I also didn't like how easy it was for Hiro to take Sylar out. I would have thought that Hiro should have teleported right in front of Sylar to stab him.
  • I wasn't incredibly happy with Nathan and Peter ostensibly dying. Sure, I called it last week, but it still felt like a little bit of a cheat. And I know that in comic book and TV world and especially Comic Book/TV world, death is only real when the show is over, but still...
  • I didn't like not finding out what really caused Peter and Deavaux to interact. I'm assuming we'll find out next year with Volume 2 being called "Generations," but it would have been nice to have some clarity or at least some idea.
  • I don't like that it won't be until September to see the next one.
I liked the show pretty well. It was no Company Man or Five Years Gone. It also did some nice setup for next year and left the audience guessing on many things. 3.5 out 5 I would have to say.

Next Week: Thoughts on the season as a whole and predictions for next season.

Oh, and for the question above? If you answered, "Shaft!", you damn right.

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