Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sleeping Through the Night

Yes. You read that right. Connor is sleeping through the night. Starting last Friday, he slept through the night. Thank God. Sheryl really needed the sleep.

As far as the rest of things go, Connor is doing great and growing a lot. Kinsey is still completely in love with him. Things are going very well, all things considered. So for all you family and friends here are some pictures.

Connor thinking deeply about something. Probably his diaper.

"OK, look. How many times are you going to stick that silver thing in my face?"

Happy Father's Day.

A safe baby is a happy baby. Or a slightly insane one.

Nap time.

Great Grandma with Connor.

Kinsey and Emma, dressed up

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Tony Arnold said...

Just curios Phil, what weight is Conner now?

I tell you why I ask after I get the answer.


Phil said...

I'm not sure what it is right now, although at the doctor's last week he was almost back to birth weight. And he's definitely filled back out and gotten some good baby chub on him.

Tony Arnold said...

I have heard, and this was true for Maria, that it is at about 11 lbs that babies start sleeping through the night. Seems to be a magic number for the majority of children. Ever since I heard this, I always like to know what weight a child is when I hear a parent say they just started sleeping through the night.

An informal survey to verify on my part. Maybe I should the 11 lb. deal to Myth Busters on Discovery.


Suzie said...

I definitely think Connor looks like you! I really see the resemblance in these pictures.

jettybetty said...

Sleeping through the night is HUGE in my opinion!

Really cute kids!

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