Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ebony, Ivory, and Pictures

Yes, I'm going to continue Kinsey's story soon, but I've just got too many cool pictures to share...

For instance, check out this pics of Sheryl, her mom, and Kinsey from Mother's Day

And how could you resist this one of Kinsey in her dance costume?

And this incredibly cute one of Connor?

Seriously, I know the story is important, but these pics are too great.


We made an important addition to the household this weekend. Remember this post Christmas picture?

And then this one...

Yep, finally in our house we have a piano. I took piano lesson from age 6 to 12 and can't say that I enjoyed it then, but I've really enjoyed it now, not just from being able to play some neat songs but also from the music theory part of it. And now, we're really going to enjoy having it ourselves, and starting Kinsey off with some simple stuff on it.

She seems to already like it a lot. This is how she looked when I got home from work today.

Good times. And now with video!


Tiffany said...

Dude. You need a flickr page.

(ps - great pictures. Can't wait for Saturday!)

Victoria said...

I loved it when Kinsey would kiss Connor on the head every time he made a sound! - Victoria

fabricsnob said...

Kinsey looks like such a proper ballerina and Connor is too cute for words. Thanks for sharing. I agree with Tiffany though: www.flickr.com

Aunt Sarah said...


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