Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Picture Time!

Once again, I didn't take the time to enter Kinsey's story, so here are some fun pictures.

Connor had been quiet for a while, so we went to go find him. I think we're in for a lot of this.

He really wanted to be picked up.


I was gone every night last week doing sound for the play so Sheryl was craving some adult interaction. On Friday night, two of our "England Friends," Tiffany and Melody came over to do a Princess Party with Kinsey. They brought dresses and make up and generally seemed to have a great time.

Once again, I see her future flashing before my eyes.

Just a fun, fun picture.

Showing off the dancing skills

He doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much as the girls...

Since I was a kid at Otter Creek, on the first Sunday of every month, Bob Enkema gets up and announces the names of the kids having a birthday that month, so Sunday was Connor's first Birthday Sunday. As soon as his name was called, he started yelling basically, which he does a lot and he does a lot in the car. So much so and so loud that even sitting next to each other, Sheryl and I have to lean in to hear each other.

At any rate, here are some fun pictures of his first Birthday Sunday.


Clarissa said...

The child is downright blond!

elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting these pictures, Phil. I was gone and didn't get to see both my children up there. I'm glad to have the proof that Carter was indeed crying.

malia said...

The GMan did that a couple of times but his all time favorite was pulling the tissues out of the kleenex box one at a time just to see the next one "pop-up".

amanda said...

dang, i missed the princess party. how fun! you've got quite a big girl on your hands...next stop, Prom! just joshin!

jim said...

but, but, what's happened to the princess?

fabricsnob said...

Love the pics Phil. So glad to have lots of time with your family this weekend!

Keith Brenton said...

We have to hang the toilet tissue backwards at our house. It stops our cats, but it may not stop a brilliant and handsome toddler!

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