Thursday, May 10, 2007

You Tube Thursday: Back When He Was Slightly Normal

I really, really tried to moonwalk after seeing this. I never could. I consider this and not being able to dunk the great failures of my life...


Tony Arnold said...

Phil, I can't help you with the moon walking, but about the dunking...

It isn't very hard.

Firmly grip the donut in your right hand and slowly dip it into your favorite beverage. After a couple of attempts, you can speed up the motion. Trust me, you ca do it.

Justin said...

The image of you trying to moonwalk just made me lol. In a huge totally literal way.

And Michael Jackson is, and always will be, the king of pop. That music and his dancing will never go out of style. Its just too good.

Clarissa said...

Is it possible to lol in a huge totally figurative way?

My very first TAPE was Michael Jackson's "Beat It." My older brother was very embarrassed.

Irrelevant and extraneous -- My first 45 was Hall and Oates "Your Kiss is On My List." My first 33 I won off of Y-107 -- Chicago 17! Ah, Cetera. Don't have a clue where any of the above recordings are now. Ain't iTunes grand?

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