Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sligh Dog

I'll admit it. I've been an American Idol snob. I've watched the auditions to laugh at the people who were bad and forget the people who weren't. Well, this year changed that. One guy and I was hooked and immediately had a rooting interest. His name? Chris Sligh.

Here's his audition video:

Reason #1 that I like him? He's funny and self-deprecating.

#2: He's got a really good voice and a good presence that's different from all the other boy band wanna bes out there.

So, Tuesday night, Chris sang in a group of 4 guys. A boy band basically... Here's what that looked like.

Boy band? Yeah, but if you watch Chris, you notice that he can't dance. At all. The other guys have the moves and Chris is just kind of following them. Even at the end where they do their low tech echo, Chris uses the wrong hand. And that just makes him more endearing. I'd also be curious which harmony part he did at the end. I'd bet the lower one.

Well, I did some more digging on Chris and discovered a couple of things. He's a worship leader in Greenville, SC. He's got a blog, where he labels himself "I am first and foremost a Christ-follower."

And he's in a band called HalfPastForever. They of course have a MySpace, and just recently one of their videos got "leaked." The song is called Know and I think it's actually really good.

Why am I putting all of this out? Well, I guess it's that Sheryl and I really like this guy, not just for being funny and not just for being good and talented, but it also seems like he's able to mesh the Christ follower without being a jerk. I hope he does really well on the show. Either way, I'm not convinced that "success" or "failure" on it will make a huge difference for him.


amanda said...

i haven't watched it in awhile, so wondering if the blues white guy from memphis is still on and the backup singer from b'wood. i'll have to look out for Sligh. what night does AI come on? i've only been keeping up with my Thurs night ABC trio!

Jennifer Thompson said...

Vick - I think the backup singer from Brentwood is still on (Melinda). Are you talking about the Fidel Castro-looking guy? I haven't watched this week's episodes yet but I heard he got kicked off. Which made me sad. He rocked on Johnny Cash. Phil, I liked this guy in auditions. And now I'm pumped to watch him from this week. Eventually I'll get over that he-slightly-resembles-Jack-Osborne thing.

Suzie said...

Thanks for posting this. I missed the show this week. He is one of my favorites. I like anyone who doesn't take himself too seriously. He also has a nice voice.

Scott said...

I love that song. Just finished listening to it again.
I've never watched AI but for some reason I'm into it this year.
But I can't talk about it on my blog.

Adam said...

Dude! Dana and I love that guy! We may actually vote again this year. Thanks for the background info on him.

snapshot said...

Well how cool is that info. Thanks for sharing1

Tony Arnold said...

Thanks for posting Phil. I never really listened to Seal much, but that Rose song is powerful. I will be diving a bit deeper into Seal's music.

And the original song by Chris Sligh and the video--fantasic. Much better than most of the stuff coming out today. That is one of those songs that sticks in your head.


Phil said...

If you like Know, the band's MySpace page has three others from their CD. I like Know the best, but they're all pretty good.

gavin richardson said...

funny, i've heard that i look like chris.

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