Monday, October 30, 2006


Why is it that negative political ads really do get more people to vote?

Why does the Republican National Committee think that telling me that Harold Ford Jr took money from porn producers or went to a Playboy party will make me less likely to vote for him?

Why does Harold Ford Jr think that referencing God in most of his commercials will make me more likely to vote for him?

Why in the world does Bob Corker think that showing me Fred Thompson in the Ryman will make me vote for him?

Why do I scoff from Fred tells me that the Republicans will curb government when they've shown no signs of doing that the last 6 years?

Why do I sigh when the Democrats tell me about Bob Corker hiring illegal aliens or being Finance Administrator for the Sundquist administration when neither of those tell the whole story?

Why do I believe that any of the people who are courting my vote will actually do something in the Congress or Senate that would jeopardize them from being re-elected 2 or 6 years from now?

Why do I feel like I'm too young to be this cynical?


Justin said...

Where is Barry Goldwater when you need him?

I just listened to Harold Ford on Steve Gill this morning, and I swear, in the 8 minutes or so he was on the radio, he referenced how much he "loves Jesus" or "personal savior" or his "faith" more times than I could count. It just rings as false to me. Hearing him say stuff like that is no better (or maybe worse) than a republican who really does go to church and is a super evangelical with whom I disagree theologically. Christianity has been a part of conservatism from the time of Reagan... maybe they've just got the lingo down better, but most of them have talked about faith their entire tenure in politics... it seems like some democrats are realizing the potential of courting the christianist base.... and I think that's just as (or more) sickening than crazy christians.

Tony Arnold said...

Our government system is not perfect but about as good as it gets.

The weakness, and it is a big one, however, is the election process.

Until we change election system so that "None of the Above" is a valid vote that does not aid the existing candidates, then we shall stay frustrated.


Malia said...

I want to know why they think recorded phone calls from celebrities and political celebrities will influence my vote? You really want to influence my vote, then have Ashley Judd or Bill Clinton or Lamar Alexander ACTUALLY call me! I may be so star struck by the end of the conversation that I'd do anything they said! But no...they have to do a canned, non-personal, recording. I'm so disappointed.


Brandon Scott said...

I cannot tell you how infuriated I am with this process this year. Honestly, I want to do something about it and don't know what. For one thing it DOESN'T include voting for either of them...but it also doesn't help when the alternative is some weird Independent named Blue Horse Feather or something. Seriously. I want to know what the hard core voters would do. I am feeling a blog venting coming on....

G. Brandon Hoyt said...

I say let's form a party that will endorse only those candidates who donat X% of all campaign contribution dollars to community efforts like new roofs on houses devestated by hurricanes.
Until then,
who cares how badly they need my vote.

Justin said...


Just go the way of Lipscomb and Harding. You won't get so upset about it anymore.

Or you could vote Libertarian or Green. Personally, if I weren't still voting, I would vote Libertarian because they want us to get out of Iraq ASAP and they want the government to be as small as possible, they won't try to court religion, so they won't play into bigotry or anything like that which will free us to be the kingdom in many many ways.

And they have the best economic policy, which will 1. create jobs for the poor and 2. make wages higher which gives us more opportunities to bring justice to the poor. The ball will be in our court rathe than the governments.

Thomas+ said...

Harold Ford is a Christian who does go to church. It is a significant part of his life. You don't have to like that, that might irritate you, or the way way he talks about it might irritate you. You may disagree with him or think that he hasn't lived out his faith to your standards. Fine. But its who he is. If I ran for Congress, I'd talk about Jesus. Why? Because that's part of who I am.

Justin said...


The problem is, he's never talked like this before. It just doesn't ring true. I've seen Harold Ford Jr in public politics for half my life. He's like Mr. Memphis. He's never talked like this and it sounds smug and ridiculous.

And the fact that he's having campaign rallys in churches the next couple days is, well, illegal.

"Snapshot" said...

Get involved in the process.
Voice your concerns over this past election to each party chairmen in your state, IN DETAIL via phone, email or snail mail or all of the above. Don't hold back, but always be respectful and give helpful, useable suggestions.
Change in the election process will not come from people setting on the sidelines whining and complaining yet being unwilling to get involved in the actual process of setting forth change. As with any other organization (for example churches) effective change generally comes slowly and in baby steps.
If we want the election process to be a more civilized humane process, we have to work toward making it that way. Being irratated is useless unless that irratation moves us to act toward change. Have confidence in this great country that you are blessed to have been able to live in and do alot of praying. God is always faithful.

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