Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Thanks for the comments on the background. It took a few iterations to get it to do what I really wanted to do. One of the things I really strove for in doing it is not only showing the problems in the world (and they are numerous) but to also show people working to make a difference. It's very easy to focus on the problems in the world and not on the solution of love that Jesus provides. At any rate, I'm glad people enjoyed it and it's actually something I might try my hand at a bit more. I love doing that kind of thing, even more than sound. It really feeds my creative side.

Oh, and if you're interested in what people are writing about the Zoe Conference this year, there's a thread at WorshipForum.com. Also you can do a Google BlogSearch for it or search Technorati.

Thursday night at the Zoe Conference, the student group Sanctuary led the worship. I was really looking forward to it, because of how much I enjoyed them at Otter Creek's Celebration service last month. However, as I stood there and tried to concentrate on worship, something felt off, and I couldn't really explain it. I was enjoying the music, but... I just couldn't put my finger on it.

And then, I realized it. Sheryl wasn't with me. You see, even when I can't sit with Sheryl (which is most of the time at church, unfortunately), I know where she is. I can generally look out the booth and see her. Sometimes we'll share an unspoken joke with each other. But she's there. Thursday night, I hadn't seen her all day and I realized that I was missing her. I really wanted to stay for Sanctuary, but I wanted to see her more. So I left.

One of the things I hope for Kinsey and Connor is that when/if they find their mates, it's not someone they can't live without. I want them to be complete people in God/Christ/the Spirit without feeling like they HAVE to have someone else to be a complete person. I want them to feel that the other person enhances them. I feel like Sheryl enhances me, calms me down, chills me out. We are together. We are Phil and Sheryl. I love being this way and I love how we fulfill each other.

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TCS said...

well in a short time I can say yes your are Phil and Sheryl. And she's great too. I wish I had heard Sanctuary myself.

The backgroud loop worked well at Zoe.

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