Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A Piece of My History

When I was six years old, there was a little show on Nashville Public Television WDCN - Channel 8 called A Wider World. I talked about it a bit a couple of weeks ago. Well, I dug up a videotape I had of it and uploaded it to YouTube.

So here I am age 6. I know this because I'm wearing a Star Wars shirt and Star Wars was released on May 25, 1977. Plus it's cold outside so it's probably in winter. Btw, the baby in this thing is not my brother. He wanted much more than the typical pay at that point, so they brought in a body double.

At any rate, here you go:


Anonymous said...

I also acted in a WDCN show when I was younger, although my post isn't as profound as yours:

Phil said...

Andrea Stewart (apparently the Grammar Mechanic on your show) was my junior English teacher at Hume Fogg.

Six degrees of separation indeed.

TCS said...

Oh Philip, you have not changed AT ALL!

I have to confess when you nodded that you wanted to know how the baby got in there, I almost had to turn it off thinking "OHHHHH MYYYY GODDDD"

My sisters were on a morning show in Memphis when they were young.

DJG said...

I was in the presence of a TV star and didn't even get an autograph...

You really haven't changed much!

Phil said...

I haven't changed much, better haircut, I hope. I actually have had people recognize me that I knew in first and second grade and I have no idea who they are.

And the Philip/Phil demarcation is how I know who has known me since before 10th grade, when I switched to Phil.

Jennifer Thompson said...

I'm with TCS - when your mom asked if you wanted to know how the baby got in there, I thought, "THAT is going to be on public television?!"

And may I say your "brother" grew amazingly fast, if those visitors were supposed to be seeing a newborn.

Clarissa said...

The nose has grown a tad, but otherwise, definitely Phil. This confirms your prediction that Kinsey will NOT have your distinguished profile; she's rapidly approaching six and hers doesn't resemble yours even remotely. Now, her build and her mannerisms are much like yours in the video. Were you shy at that age? Hard to imagine. If you weren't, then that was a good piece of acting!

My kids enjoyed watching it, too. They couldn't believe it was you.

Phil said...

Jennifer... "When mommies and daddies love each other very much, they hug in a special way...."

Clarissa, I don't remember very much about what I was like although I did get marks on my report cards for talking too much, so I don't think I was as shy as Kinsey can be at times.

Thomas+ said...

Philip, will you please tell me where babies come from? The answer was about to appear, but then they yanked the rug out from under me. I'm so sad about not knowing. I feel like going outside and throwing a baseball up and catching it.

I liked how mom and dad disappeared for a few days. Today, mom is back so fast that the kids hardly notice.

Clarissa said...

Me, too! Except I'd get not just one, but TWO checkmarks in one "Needs Improvement" box for talking. Can you imagine? Me?

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