Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The Wednesday before every Halloween at Otter Creek is Parade of Bible Characters. In this tradition (which has been going on since I was a kid, probably 7 or 8), the children dress up at Bible characters or concepts and give the moderator three clues and the congregation has to guess at who they are. Now of course you get your Esthers and Davids and that kind of thing. Sheryl and I have always taken the tact that we need to recycle whatever costume(s) the the kid(s) have. So a couple of years ago, when Kinsey went as Winnie the Pooh, we gave her a banana and apple in her hand and she was "Bearing Fruit." Last year, she was Snow White so she was washed White as Snow.

This year, we had a Superman costume for Connor and Kinsey's pretty easy to dress in a robe, so they were Mary and Jesus.

Our clues were 1) He was an unexpected arrival; 2) He was sent by his Father to stand for truth, justice and all that stuff; and 3) She was the mother of this "super-man."

Here's the picture of them and me helping Kinsey with Connor. (Boy, if Connor gets my nose...)

Here's Connor all bundled up for the night.

Here's Kinsey and Connor at trunk or treat at Otter Creek on Sunday night. Kinsey is in her real Halloween costume, Princess Ariel at her wedding to Eric. Connor is Superman again, pumped up with some fluff in the arms to give him the right look. It's a lot fun with this right now and Kinsey is really enjoying it too.

Honestly these last five months feel like they've gone so fast and it's really making me stop and try to soak in these moments of their childhood. Barely 10 weeks ago, Kinsey was starting at Kindergarten and barely reading. Now she's reading mainly on her own, sounding words out and growing up so fast. Connor is almost sitting up on his own and eating cereal.

The great philosopher Ferris Bueller really was right. Life moves fast. If you don't stop and take a look around every once in a while, you'll miss it. Posted by Picasa


elizabeth said...

I can't believe how big Connor is getting. Of course, the puffed-up Superman costume does help.

Rob Cox said...

You may not remember this, but one year it came time for the Parade of Bible Characters at OC. Clarissa and I were so broke, we had no money for halloween. What money we did have we spent on cheap generic candy to hand out to kids. Joey had a dragon costume and that was it. Now, who is the only Bible character described as a dragon? Could it be... Satan?

It came time for Joey's turn to go up on stage. He handed Mr. Brandon his card. Brandon read it, and got this look on his face, like "only Clarissa..." After the guesses went by and Brandon announced who it was, the Creekers didn't know whether to clap or not. Let's have a nice hand for the devil everyone!

Looking back, I can't believe we did that, but I've just got to laugh about it now. The parade and trunk-and-treating are some of the fond memories we have of Otter Creek.

amanda said...

awww...my favorite quote! ferris rocks!

Clarissa said...

If Connor gets your nose ... what? The resemblance will be even more shocking than it already is? I mean, it's like Sheryl was merely the conduit for your clone!! Are you perhaps actually LIVING in sci-fi world?

Yes, poor Joey/dragonboy. He wanted to be a dragon. That's what we had. And my creativity does NOT lie in the area of coming up with awesome costumes from stuff around the house. My poor kids. Maybe they'll turn out okay anyway. :-)

fabricsnob said...

thanks for the photos, Phil. I was sad to miss it this year.
Clarissa & Rob- your kids are going to be just fine. wonderful in fact.

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