Friday, October 06, 2006

Here I Am to Worship

I'm here at the Zoe Conference this weekend, here yesterday through tomorrow.

It's been good so far. Lauren Winner has been very interesting. It was especially interesting to hear her yesterday in her first session, as a woman speaking to a Church of Christ assemblage, declare herself and Episcopalian, state hardcore opposition to President Bush and the war, and describe how she went as Hilary Clinton one Halloween when she was a kid. I was gratified that she didn't get booed down at all and that people in general are getting a lot out of what she has to say (which is, in fact, very intersting).

The discerning communities are also interesting. Discerning communities are smaller groups of people where speakers rotate between the four communities. We got Wade Hodges talking about the head's involvement in faith and the over-intellectualizing of it. We also had Josh Graves talking about Hands and the acts of service Christians are called to do.

It's been good so far, and it's been especially good to see so many people that we see each year here.

The MediaShout is coming along well for tonight and tomorrow. Still some tweaks here and there. I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Sounds extremely interesting, going trick or treating as Hillary Clinton and opposing President Bush. The bar doesn't seem very high. The people were probably asleep.

Adam said...

It astounds me that these kinds of comments always come from 'anonymous'. If you're going to presume to have enough conviction to state something like this, at least have enough of a spine to sign your name.
-Adam Ellis

Paul said...

I used to live in a community in Texas where in the church history they talk about a time when there was one church building in the town and different preachers would come each week to preach. One week would be the Baptist, one week the Methodist, one week the church of Christ, and I think the fourth was a Presbyterian. I may not be clear on the exact groups but you get the idea. I suppose that was something like a discerning group!

Glad things are going well. I will be at the worship conference tonight and tomorrow.

Amy said...

Phil, it was good to meet you at Zoe. You did a wonderful job on all the multimedia stuff. The images were just right and added a lot to the experience.

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