Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun with Pictures

Like apparently everyone else in southern Nashville, we went to Gentry's Farm in Franklin. Here are some of our pictures.

Kinsey and Connor

Me and Sheryl and Kinsey and Connor

Gee, Dad, Kinsey, Connor, and Katie the cousin

The family at our first Vanderbilt game together. Of course, Vandy lost.

Me and Connor at the Vandy game, right before Sout Carolina scores again.

Last night was the first night we gave Connor cereal. On one hand, no big deal. On the other, this is the first solid food in his life, so it's a very big deal. From here on out, the poop gets solid(er) and from cereal, he'll go to strained peas to carrots to some foul smelling vienna sausage things that Kinsey loved.

Anyway, here are a couple of picture from this momentous occasion.

He'll get used to it eventually.

It's really not that cold in the house. Kinsey just like to be coordinated.

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Elizabeth S said...

Beautiful kids! As far as yesterday's post goes, I think you and my husband share the same brain. All of your comments on the shows are exactly what he has been saying, especially about the Sorkin shows. We have the dvd set of SportsNight so we should get together sometime and watch it. Miss you guys!

Amy said...

Great pics. It's good to see what your family looks like, and that baby looks just like you!

fabricsnob said...

just wanted you to have a hit from the UK. Specifically- Mark's house.

jettybetty said...

I love pictures--thanks for sharing!!!
You have a beautiful family.

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