Wednesday, May 04, 2005

England Scotland Travelogue - Day Twelve

Thursday, 1 June 2000 London

Well, we’re back here at Barry House. It’s a different room, bigger which is good, but it’s not great and for what we’re paying, I guess it’s for the location. Neither Sheryl nor I like it much.

Today, we got to Euston Square 45 minutes late and then rolled our luggage from the Square to Euston Station to avoid jumping Tubes. We rode to Paddington and had to go the long way to get here to Barry. Once we got settled, we went to the London Eye Ferris wheel to get tickets for tonight at 9:30, the last time round. We figured it would be dark then and we’d get good pics.

We then went to St. Paul’s Cathedral to tour and we really enjoyed the architecture. Sheryl and I climbed to the 2nd level and then I went on alone to the next 2 outer levels. Not bad, but the Eye ended up being better.

We went back to the Texas Embassy to eat, then journeyed back down to the Imperial War Museum. I wish we’d had more time there, because their WWII section was incredible and amazing. Uniforms, flags, pictures, memorabilia, all sorts of things were in this. Probably the highlights were seeing the actual maps that the Nazis were using to plan their invasion of Britain and this interactive experience that showed what the London Blitz was like. We spent two hours almost there, but then went to Harrods again, got a bear, saw the Diana-Dodi Memorial, big deal.

We came back to Barry and then to the Eye. We saw some great sights from above, hopefully got some great pictures and generally had a good time. We came back to Barry, which made us long for home. Tomorrow the Globe and Hamlet, then Saturday, Home!

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