Wednesday, April 27, 2005

England Scotland Travelogue - Day Five

Thursday, 25 May 2000 Oxford

A pretty good day today. We left London about 9:30 and reached Oxford about 10:30. We took a taxi to the Dial House and basically collapsed on our bed. We slept for an hour and a half which we really needed.

We headed into the town by bus and basically wandered the rest of the day. We ended up seeing a couple of nice places. Christ Church College was the first. It was huge and very formal. It had a walk thru tour and the whole deal. We then moved down to Magdalen College, pronounced "maudlin." It was where C. S. Lewis taught. It was much less formal and immensely more enjoyable. Sheryl and I would walk down the halls and the Quad and through the paths, as though we were students. It just felt right.

We also saw Blackwell’s Bookstore, which was huge. Four floors, the basement one stretching beneath Trinity College which was next door on the street. Kind of like a super Barnes and Noble. I got a book on Shakespeare and the movies, which I read bits of already. Seems good.

We got back to our room, which is much bigger and nicer than our Barry House room. We had Pizza Hut for dinner and stayed in. We’re shooting for Blenheim Palace tomorrow, then Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avesbury on Saturday, possibly by car.


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Tony Arnold said...

Well I am definitely plucking one eye out now because I am very envious. Strolling the halls of Lewis's haunts.

Per yesterdays post, I won't judge you for buying cigars as long as you bought me one, ha!

Another one of my favorite vices, oops, I mean small pleasures. Good ale - $6 a pint; good cigar--$8; good hardback book--$25; all three in peace--priceless (and very rare).

Phil said...

You think you're jealous of that post re: Lewis? Just wait until the next one.

$8 cigar? You buy a lot better cigars than I do. ;-)

Speaking of books, have you read any of Brian McLaren's stuff?

Tony Arnold said...

No I have not read McLaren. I will check him out. Put him on my pile of books "to read" that grows faster than my "have read" pile.

I don't indulge the cigars often but I do enjoy them.

I sure hope the next post isn't about Tolkien, arrrgh, there goes the other eye.

Tiffany said...

We went to Oxford on Thanksgiving Day, 1997. Our tour-arranger's granddaughter attended Magdalen, so we got to eat lunch in their meal hall.

When we were getting off the bus, our group leader warned us that there would be a lot of orange juice, and that we should drink as much as we could. Apparently, someone there thought that OJ was a big Thanksgiving tradition (as opposed to, say, turkey or pumpkin pie). So we had a choice of pizza with mushy peas or fish & chips, and all the orange juice we could drink! So funny.

It was really rainy that day, so I don't remember a lot about Oxford other than that and the coffee shop where we waited out the afternoon.

lesley said...

"it just felt right".. i know we're all going to be saying that in October! I love this, Phil - I know so little of the places you describe.. but I hear the energy in your voice, and it just gets me more and more excited to go and that y'all are going with us!! : ) I told you I'd catch up tonite!

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