Saturday, April 30, 2005

England Scotland Travelogue - Day Eight

Sunday, 28 May 2000 Edinburgh

Not much today. We mainly traveled here to Edinburgh. We went through Manchester, and stopped there for a while. The whole trip took about six hours or so. The train was nice. We had a bit of a conflict between the train door and Sheryl’s suitcase and lost the pull handle to it. The ride was beautiful, though. This north country is extraordinarily gorgeous. The hills became much larger and more rolling. There were sheep and cows and streams and it really was everything I’d imagined.

Edinburgh seems nice. Our B&B, the Ardgarth House, is like being in someone’s home. We walked along the beach of the Firth of Forth. I still don’t know what a Firth is, but I don’t guess it really matters. I’m really looking forward to seeing the city for real.

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Anonymous said...


Nice log - really enjoying it...

A Firth is an Estuary!

Chris Jones

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