Tuesday, April 26, 2005

England Scotland Travelogue - Day Four

Wednesday, 24 May 2000 London

Today Sheryl and I discovered the joys of train travel. We woke up early to catch a 7:55 from Charing Cross and when the train left at 7:48, we knew we were in trouble. Thankfully, we switched to the right train and were on our way.

Trains are a lot more… jouncy than I’d have thought. It was neat to see the English countryside, which actually reminded me a bunch of home, except for the sheep.

Dover was very nice. We walked a lot. We walked up to Dover Castle and got a great view of the town. Then we got a nice surprise, as they had opened up some tunnels which had been used as a hospital and Naval Base of Operations during WWII. Very neat. We got up to Henry II’s Keep and saw some great sights. I wish we’d have been able to stay longer up there; I’d have liked to have done more, but like Sheryl said then, we’re going to see several more castles.

We walked back down and got some nice pictures of the Dover Cliffs, which weren’t as white as some pictures I’ve seen, and headed back to the station. We rode to Canterbury and got to see the Cathedral which in many ways was as amazing as Westminster, although the latter was still more… deep? I don’t know, the sheer amount of history at the Abbey was astounding.

Canterbury was stellar and huge and beautiful. I had to pay two pounds to get to take pictures, but it was worth every pence. I shot a lot of stained glass windows and Henry IV’s grave, as well as Edward the Black Prince’s grave.

Sheryl and I then headed back on the hour and a half journey back, which seemed to take longer. We then vegged for the night, meaning Sheryl slept and wrote postcards, while I watched the UEFA Championship, where Real Madrid beat Valencia 3-0. I wish Manchester United had been in it, but they lost in the Semis. Oh, well.

Tomorrow we move our base to Oxford, Inkling’s country, C. S. Lewis, Tolkein, Charles Williams. I’m looking very much forward to it.

Oh, two surprises I forgot to mention. 1) We saw a Hovercraft land at Dover and 2) we saw an exploded church, almost destroyed, in the Nazi attacks, at Dover. Old St. James. Very sobering.

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Tony Arnold said...

I don't think I should read these blogs. If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. We are commanded not to envy. I can't read these blogs and not be envious and I like my eyes, so...

Well, we are having English weather here today. Cold, grey, rainy, but no castles. I am really hankering for an ale about now. (are you going to kick me off because I keep mentioning ale?)

Phil said...

Nah. I wouldn't kick you off for mentioning ale, if you won't judge me for buying cigars at Harrod's.

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