Saturday, May 07, 2005

England Scotland Travelogue - 2005 Thoughts

So, it's been five years now since the trip to England. Honestly at this point in my life, I can say that it's my third best memory behind my wedding and the birth of Kinsey.

It truly is incredible to think that Sheryl and I walked in places that have been trod for at least 2000 years. The streets of London and seeing the Roman wall. The structures of Dunnottar Castle. Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. We were really honored to be there and it's something that we will never ever forget.

I am really looking forward to going back there with Sheryl and Kinsey in October. One of the regrets of our trip is that we didn't have a chance to really interact with people. We were seeing the sites and visiting places and driving and all of that. We didn't get to talk to people and we're going to get to do that in October. We'll be in someone's house and we'll be talking and working beside people. That's what I'm really looking forward to.

Well, next week, I'm going back to my regular Friday schedule. I've just finished reading Brian McLaren's new book, The Last Word and the Word After That, which is the last book in the New Kind of Christian trilogy. The other book is The Story We Find Ourselves In. Anyway, The Last Word... has been giving me a lot of thoughts on Heaven and Hell and judgement and salvation that I'm going to try to work through here.

Thanks for indulging me on this travelogue. If you're here in Nashville and want to see pictures, we've got plenty of those to show as well.

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JP said...

That was truely a wonderful trilogy that shook the foundations of MY fundamental truths. Scary as it was, I felt I was being transformed during the process. I wish there were 3 more books coming out, I enjoyed the story and characters so much.

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