Sunday, May 01, 2005

England Scotland Travelogue - Day Nine

Monday, 29 May Edinburgh

What a great day. The best of the trip. We bussed down to the Edinburgh City Centre. Then we walked to the Royal Mile and up to Edinburgh Castle. Amazing. We did the tour and saw some really great stuff, like the room where James VI and I was born. We also saw the Honours of Scotland, the Crown Jewels, and the Stone of Destiny, which was just returned in 1996 after 700 years.

We then headed down the Royal Mile and pretty much went into every tartan shop, looking at a lot of different things. It was really nice and comfortable. Sheryl and I headed down to Holyrood House, Queen Elizabeth’s residence when she’s in Edinburgh. We snapped a couple of shots, then headed up to Arthur’s Seat. It’s a crag about 850 ft. above Edinburgh. We climbed up and got some great views. The wind was blowing and although the climb was difficult, it was more than worth it.

We walked backed down and hit some more stores. We dined of course at a fine restaurant, Pizza Hut. We finally headed back, taking the bus, which didn’t go all the way. So we walked the rest of the way and with our feet expanding from hitting the pavement multitudinous times, we ripped our shoes off in our room and hit the bed.

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