Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Otter Creek Update and Vespers

I know that there are some outliers who read my blog to keep up on some level with what's going on at Otter Creek, and obviously we're in a major time of transition right now, so here's what's going on.

As you remember, Brandon Scott Thomas resigned from his position back in December and if you keep track of his blog, you know that he's become the Cruise-Meister. On the worship leader front at Otter Creek, we've had some tryouts but no one has fit the position yet. We're having another one soon, but as of now the position is unfilled. It's been interesting because Otter Creek is very blessed to have some really talented people to lead us in worship, but I know that many are ready for a worship leader.

Also, Tim Woodroof announced his resignation in June. Since then, he's been preaching part time at OC and doing other seminars. As of right now, there's been no announcement about the process for finding the next teaching minister, so most of us are just waiting to see what happens next.

Finally, as I also wrote, Scott Owings resigned his position back in April to go to work for a hospice here in Nashville. It's obviously hard and draining work, but work he's well suited for. However, I am excited to say that he will continue (in a voluntary position) his work on the Otter Creek Vespers service, that restarts TONIGHT at 7pm. If you're looking for a contemplative service that has a more liturgical feel (yes, within a Church of Christ), drop by 409 Franklin Road in Brentwood at 7. See you there.

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Clarissa said...

Am I an outlier?

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