Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I saw in Connor another glimpse of myself the other day. He was playing with a toy that was supposed to fit together nicely and it didn't, because, well, he's 2 and can't work that stuff out as easily. He took the pieces and with a loud grunt/growl threw them to the ground. I immediately went over and asked what was wrong. He babbled something at me and then together we put the pieces where they went.

It was weird to see that, because I had a terrible temper as a child, up through my teenage years. If ANYTHING didn't go the way I excepted it to go, I would explode with anger. It caused me quite a bit of trouble too, getting into fights and the like. I guess it's just one of those things where you see it and hope to guide him as best as possible to avoid having to learn some of the hard lessons that I had to learn too.

Or, it could be that he's two years old and had a temper tantrum. What do I know? :-)


judy thomas said...

We always get what we deserve.

Jim Voorhies said...

Grandparents love it when things like that happen - what goes around ...

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