Friday, September 12, 2008

Question of the Day...

How political was Jesus' message and life? Is it limiting to His message and purpose to relate Him to a "community organizer"? Or does it expand it?


Ben said...

"Love your neighbor" - Doesn't get much more communal than that. Jesus didn't need to "organize" to accomplish things. The "community" seemed to organize itself around Jesus instead.

Gusdog said...

His message was very political, there's no question about that. Defining Jesus a "community organizer" does limit His message and purpose, but calling him anything other than "Son of God" does that. He certainly organized a community.

judy thomas said...

The only community that Jesus came to organize was one which loved him, his Father and others with a large and unselfish love. And that is still the aim today.

Judy Thomas

Anonymous said...

Of course he was a community organizer. He called others to come and follow after him.

His message stood against Roman rule, as well as religious rule.

Do we also need to point out that Pontius Pilate was a governor?


Anonymous said...

Ah Pete, You really, don't want to go there. Our first "black president" was a governor too. And if comparing Governor Palin to Pilate means you are comparing Obama to Jesus? Well, I've met Jesus. And Obama is no Jesus. Although I'll give it to the Democrats. It's a catchy line about Pilate being a Governor. Kudos for creativity.

Remember that Pilate bowed to the will of the people and the end result was our Savior being crucified. Doesn't say much for the will of the people now does it?

My answer to your question Phil would be yes and no.
As Ben said, Jesus' message was communal, which strikes a political cord. Government is how we live with one another in a legal way. Jesus was all about how we live with one another in a loving way.

The challenge as Christian Americans is living legally and lovingly without the government getting in the way.

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