Thursday, August 21, 2008

YouTube Thursday: Wise Up (Remix)

This is one for the Christian music old schoolers.

I was big into Christian music in the 80s and early 90s. Huge fan of Michael W. Smith, Petra, Amy Grant, Rich Mullins and a few other more obscure groups and artists (Michael Gleason, anyone?) This was also a part of the reason I got a job at a Christian bookstore. But perhaps more about that time in my life another day.

There was a CD that came out in 1989 that were remixes of Christian songs called Adventures in the Land of Big Beats and Happy Feet, and one of the remixes was for Amy Grant's song Wise Up off her record, Unguarded. And after seconds and seconds of copious searching, I present it here for you today.


greg said...

wow, michael gleason. I had a cd of his. I can't recall anything about it now except that I think I liked it a lot at the time. Wasn't he in Kansas during the Elefante years?

Phil said...

Yeah, I think his only CD was Children of Choices and he was part of the whole "Elefante" stable, when John and Dino were producing a bunch of people. It wasn't bad for the time.

Chris said...

I'm probably the only one on planet earth who doesn't see anything "christian" about music like that. I'm guilty.

Phil said...

No, Chris. I can assure you, that from my time working in the Christian bookstore, there were a LOT of people who didn't find anything Christian about music like Amy Grant's.

My typical response was that God is not mentioned once in the entire book of Esther, but His presence is known, nonetheless.

Scott said...

Chris, there are probably a large number of people who don't think Phil is a Christian, either.


DB Carden said...

Wow! I forgot about big hair. How could I forget about big hair?

Stryper, nuf said.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shoot out! I'm the one who posted the video on youtube. I added some of your comments to your video AND a link to this site!

Thanks for adding this!


cornellcrawford said...

Is there any way to get a copy of this? Thanks!

Phil said...

no, sorry.

And honestly, I think it's dumb for people to remove videos of songs that aren't even available to buy, because I would happily pay for this one.

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