Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So, for the last couple of years, Kinsey has been doing dance class. She has a lot of fun doing it and also is pretty good at it.

This year, we (I) decided that we (I) would like her to play soccer. She's played baseball the last two summers and while she's had fun, she's not shown a huge amount of aptitude for it. But while she and I have been kicking the ball around the yard, she's actually been pretty good. Now, I know this is different than having someone mark you on the field.

However, what's a bit frustrating is that we found out yesterday that soccer practice is the same day as dance rehearsal, one hour later. This throws a crimp in our days and makes them very long, not including homework she has to get done. I know that extracurricular activities are not always going to be convenient and I think doing them will be good for her, but I do wish they weren't on the same day.


Suzie said...

It can definitely be stressful. D.J.'s love is football, but all the leagues practice two to three nights a week and then games on Saturday. That was just too much. We finally found a flag football league that is one night a week practice, so we're trying that.

At least you get your practicing done in one day :)

Jonathan said...

We prefer soccer over baseball because the former involves nearly constant running around while baseball is mostly sitting/standing around.

The easy (wink) solution to the scheduling problem is to volunteer to coach (and set the practice time yourself).

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