Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Odds and Ends

Connor put pee pee in the potty last night. Yes, we're pretty excited by this. And Connor, when you're reading this 15 years from now, no, I'm not sorry I put this out on the internet for the world to read.

Kinsey has had a great first week of school. She's getting her school work done at school. This was a bit of a struggle last year, since she can tend to be a very social girl and get easily distracted. I know this isn't a shock for those of you who know her.

Also, in a bit of blatant church promotion (which I'm sure I'll do again later this week), Otter Creek is hosting its bi-annual consignment sale www.ottercreeksale.com, organized by Amy Westerman et al. Sheryl volunteered there last night and they already have a ton of stuff. So go get good deals on clothes and toys and furniture.


Tony Arnold said...

Between church and school, I feel like my wife has left me. :-)

Busy time of year.

Tony Arnold said...

Connor put pee pee in the potty last night.

I meant to tell you that Conner is off to a great start, and I know Sheryl must have been estatic.

But eventually the male gene will dominate and he will begin to miss.

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