Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yesterday, Sheryl, Kinsey, and I went to the cemetery where some of my family is buried. We went there for a visitation for a dear saint of Otter Creek who passed away Saturday night. But while we were there, we stopped by the area where some of my family is buried.

This first one is my grandmother and grandfather, my dad's parents. I have really solid memories of them, since I was 7 and 8 when they died. They both smoked (a lot), but I always remember looking forward to going to their house (which we moved into after they died). They always sat in the same place at the old Otter Creek building and they always had Chiclets for me and my sister when we ran down to see them.

This one is my great-grandfather and -grandmother. I obviously don't remember them, except the stories that I've heard about my grandfather, mainly. He was a preacher at Otter Creek and the first one in the Granny White building. I also know that he helped found a Bible school for African-Americans here in Nashville.

It was a nice little excursion to see this and to show Kinsey a piece of our history.

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