Thursday, January 18, 2007

George W. Bush on YouTube

Ok, 2 George W. Bush related YouTube videos today.

The first one was done by the Daily Show a few years back. It's simply called Bush vs. Bush and it's President Bush debating Texas Governor Bush. It's strange to see statements by Pres. Bush directly contradicted by statements Bush made while campaigning to become President.

The other video I found is pretty interesting as well. Watch it first.

Now, I don't agree with all the points in the video, but it's really striking the, dare I say, eloquence of George W. Bush back then and the example in the video. It does make you wonder what has happened to Bush in the last 10 years, that 90% of his speeches seem like they are being delivered by a nervous high school student. Maybe he was better coached back then?


"Snapshot" said...

If you look closely, you'll see contradictory remarks by powerful democrats too.
And as far as what has happened in the past 10 years....let's see how any of us would weather the storms of the past few years as commander in chief. I would venture to say it's been some of the hardest years in our country's history.
Those without a flub in the past 10 years should stand up and be counted.
God bless our President and his willing service to our country and to each of our families.

Phil said...

I don't disagree with you at all, Snapshot and I think that with the Dems in power, we'll get quite a few of those from them as well.

I think one of the reasons that clip is so interesting to me is the general reluctance of the administration to admit mistakes. They've been more willing recently, but that's a relatively new thing.

"Snapshot" said...

While admitting mistakes is a personal virtue, I disagree with many that spending time admitting mistakes as commander in chief is a waste of tax payers time. I'd much rather see a President addressing problems instead of bowing to public opinion and the constant stress of media bias.
God bless our President and his willing service to our country and each of our families.

"Snapshot" said...

I just read something that reminded me of this blog conversation.
It is written by Peggy Noonan in her Wall Street Journal article today.
Her topic is "The State of the Union" and the passions it stirs. And how many people are trying to re-enact other times in history.
The last part of her article says, "All this re-enacting is understandable--we are human, imaginative, damaged. But however legitimate it feels or is, it also further charges the atmosphere. And the atmosphere is charged enough. The great struggle of life is that you are you and this is now. The inspiration of that is that you are not just remembering history, you are making it. It is a blank page. You can fill it with good things."
Has a bit of a spiritual ring to it.
You can read the entire article at

Justin said...

No one expects our leaders to admit every error... but grave ones probably should be admitted.

Seems like I remember some people calling for a presient to apologize back in the mid nineties, and didn't really accept it when he did. Could just be my memory failing though. ;)

In regards to the presidents inability to speak eloquently anymore... many people have been saying for over two years that he's on massive amount of prescription antidepressants and that its possible he's drinking again. He's been seen having alcohol on occasion, one of which was the press conference in china where he tried to leave througha locked door.

I don't think anyone can watch those videos and say that something significant hasn't happened. People don't go from being intelligent, articulate people to driveling, bad public speakers for no reason.

Maybe it will come out after 08. I pray that he hasn't started hitting the bottle again, but I'm not confident.

"Snapshot" said...

Justin, I'd like to meet you again when you mature a bit and life has delivered you a few experiences that give you cause to think before you speak or type. Remember the measure to which you judge others will be given back to you.
My friend you have reason to be afraid, very very afraid.
And for the record, I praise God that every time I've spoken in public (without the weight of the world on my shoulders mind you) that cameras weren't rolling and then data shipped to You Tube. I'd be accused of drinking too.

Justin said...

whoa whoa whoa... what just happened here. I left a normal comment. I didn't attack anyone. I'm confused Snapshot... what did I say that's immature?

He was seen drinking alcohol before the incident I mentioned. He's also been seen several times drinking O'Douls, which is supposedly non alcoholic, but does contain some alcohol. This is supposed to be a no no for former alcoholics.

BTW, none of what I'm saying means I think that the president is a bad man. He's an alcoholic and he's in a stressful position, and something is wrong with him and has been getting worse. Its documented. Shoot, somebody has written a book about it. Something is going on, and I wish we knew what it was.

Thomas+ said...

I think the major issue here is 9/11. George Bush before 9/11 had a totally different foreign policy posture than he did post 9/11. That makes the Daily Show video disingenuous. Bush is responding to a new set of circumstances.

I am not saying I agree with this response. I agree with some of what he had done, disagree with a lot of it. However, I don't think we reasonably argue that he was lying during the election.

I want everyone to notice I just defended Bush. I feel a bit out of my comfort zone right now.

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