Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Uh Mommy? I forgot to do something."

No pictures again this week. Sorry.

Connor is doing much better. His eye infection seems to be completely gone, and he's sleeping through the night again (Thank you, Jebus) now that the infection is gone. He's also starting to smile an awful lot and of course, it's the cutest thing. He's reacting to voices and turning his head and starting to get really fun. Today is also his 2 month birthday and it's just amazing to watch how he's growing (over 11 pounds now) and his motor skills are progressing. This whole process is so fascinating to me. I'm always wondering what he's thinking. Obviously not in words, but maybe in feelings or sensations? He sees Sheryl and he gets a warm feeling in his tummy? How babies think before they can think in coherent words and thoughts just fascinates me to no end.

Kinsey is going through a bit of a struggle right now. Her attitude and tone of voice and listening skills are very reminscent of a teenager. She tries to tell us what to do and when we don't and tell her what to she needs to do, she gets this frustrated voice and attitude. We're really working on getting things better before she goes to Kindergarten in 3 weeks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Sheryl and I are still processing this fact. It's harder for her than me, because Kinsey's been her buddy for the last five years and especially last year, when she was home with her. We also worry, because we know that we are now not going to be the primary people Kinsey is with for the majority of her waking hours. She's now going to be around kids we don't know from parents we don't know, who've done things she hasn't and shouldn't. We just worry about how all of that's going to go down. Kinsey's excited about school. Mommy and Daddy? Not so sure.

So, Kinsey's also been on a ballerina kick for the last few weeks. Sheryl got her some ballerina shoes and a tutu for her to wear. Yesterday, she was wearing the tutu around and got the urge to go potty. So she ran into the bathroom and went, then realized there was a problem. She called for Sheryl, who had just got done feeding Connor and said, "Uh Mommy. I forgot to do something." Sheryl thinking there was some clean up that needed to get done, went in a realized that Kinsey had indeed forgot something. She'd taken her tutu down, but not her underwear. Some clean up and a quick shower later, Kinsey was back into the tutu and dancing around. That one didn't make it into the kid owner manual, but for those of you with kids file that one away.


Tony Arnold said...

Maria too has become a little more defiant and flippant in her speech and a bit bossy at times to Anita and I. Now, she is still so easy and polite most of the time and the changes above are pretty mild, but in comparison to her past self, it is interesting and sometimes puzzling to figure out the best way to handle it.

I chalk up most of it to just becomeing more independent and testing the limits to not only see where they are, but also to verify they exist. Limits are actually comforting to children though they won't show it.

Or maybe they are getting some bad influences at OC. :-)


Phil said...

I think it's Miss Eva. She's been such a bad influence for so many years.

(That's the official sarcasm font, for those of you new to the blog)

Suzie said...

"She's now going to be around kids we don't know from parents we don't know, who've done things she hasn't and shouldn't."

I don't know if this will comfort you or not, but my son will be one of those kids.Don't be too worried. He thinks girls are yucky right now so Kinsey will be safe from our family's corruption (ha!ha!). We can cry together in the parking lot on that first day, or Sheryl and I can cry while you and David pretend like the sun is in your eyes.

Clarissa said...


Phil said...

Yes, Jebus

Malia said...

We were at the redneck Y (translation out in the backyard in the wading pool) a few weeks ago when Sweetpea really need to go pee. I told her to hurry upstairs and go. Several seconds later she reappeared in the backyard with a very contrite look on her face, "Um, Mommy? I didn't make it to the bathroom." Fortunately her "accident" happened on the cement floor of the storage room of the basement and not on carpeted or hardwood floors!

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