Monday, July 17, 2006

Parables and the Kingdom of God

This week's Teaching the Kingdom class has been posted. In it, we talk about how Jesus used parables in his teaching and how we can do that ourselves in our interaction with people. I go on a rant about how I think Christians need to be in the creative community and not ghetto-izing ourselves in a Christian subculture. It was a great class, due very little to me and much more to the great conversation we had among all of us.

It was followed by Tim Woodroof delivering a very good sermon about Otter Creek, called "Who Is Otter Creek?" and where the congregation stands theologically and within our heritage in the Restoration movement. We're working on getting a link up on Otter Creek's website, but if you want to download it, it's on the site at the following link: To download, right-click the link, select Save Target As... and save it to your computer. Then use a media player like iTunes or Windows Media Player to play it.

Possibly going to hear Rob Bell tonight. Looking forward to it.

Update: I've worked on it with Rob Cox and the sermon is now available for download at It's still available from the link I posted above, but things will start being posted at the site above in the future.

Updated Update: Not going to hear Rob Bell tonight. Sold out.



fabricsnob said...

PHIL! Where is Rob Bell speaking tonight? His "Velvet Elvis" in on my reading list this summer.

Glad to get to see your family yesterday for a bit longer visit than in recent weeks.

Phil said...

Mel, he's speaking at Rockettown at 8

fabricsnob said...

Thanks Phil.

Rob Bell
Rocketown, Nashville, TN
Mon, Jul 17, 2006 07:00 PM
$10.00 through Ticketmaster

Jennifer Thompson said...

Tim's sermon yesterday was fantastic. Thanks for putting it on the web site - I already emailed the link (almost typed "oink," thought I'd share) to a friend.

Tony Arnold said...

You make me feel okay with some of my language and thanks for that Phil. You used one my most common expressions twice this week in my presence, once in class and on the blog---CRAP.

I used it often. A trait I got from my father (a CofC preacher no less).

When he was especially frustrated he would tork it up a notch and say, "oh crippity crap", which actually sounded slightly more benign.

Totally off the subject, but the risk you take with an open blog.


scott said...

Phil, sorry about missing Rob Bell. For what it's worth. I preach twice every Sunday in Waco, TX. There's no ticket required so no fear of sell-out. :D

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