Thursday, July 20, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Preview

Why isn't it October now?


Kenneth & Victoria said...

Be sure to check out Dwight Shrute's blog for what would happen if Battlestar Galactica landed on the Lost island.

I'm watching Season 2.0a on DVD right now, trying to pace myself to make it last all the way until September when the next batch comes out.


Phil said...

iTunes is your friend.

Thomas+ said...

Battlestar is the greatest show on television. Yes, I love 24 and Lost. But you just can't beat this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Anybody know when 2.1 comes out on DVD? Say next week, say next weeek.

Phil said...

Sorry Tito.

September 19

Tony Arnold said...

I am in a wierd mood so I will say it (because I don't have any comment on Battlestar):

Why isn't it October now?

Because it is July.

Okay, you can stone me now, I deserve it.


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