Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Picture Time

Sorry for the last week and not posting anything. We were in Georgia at a family reunion and no access. I'm really sorry too that we didn't take any pictures but we just completely forgot to bring the camera. Connor did go to Sunday morning church for the first time this Sunday and got all the compliments that we knew he would and Kinsey was a proud big sister too.

At any rate, here are some other ones that we've taken...

"Hmm, my position in this house has stepped down some... first a crib, now a laundry basket..."

Kinsey being very brave at the top of a very high slide

Red eye reduction doesn't seem to work on Connor very well. I hope that's not some kind of sign.

Connor asleep on Sheryl.

Connor and Kinsey with Grandma Musick.

Connor the Contortionist.

Going to church on Sunday at 7:30 AM. There was extensive negotiation to leave the hangers at home.

A picture I took two minutes ago to show that he's not always the perfect baby, but also to show how he sleeps with his arms up and how warm he likes to be.

Have a great week.


Clarissa said...

Grandma Musick? That's awesome.

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Beautiful pictures. I just posted my first family photo on the net too on my blog.

I pray all is going well for your Sermon on the Mount study.

Bobby Valentine

Phil said...

Thanks. Yours looks good too.

The study is actually about the Kingdom of God and the Sermon on the MOunt was just a section of the study. And it is going well. I was out a week ago and so didn't record and the recorder malfunctioned last Sunday and so that's why the discussion of Chapter 7 didn't get put up. Next week, we'll do some of the parables and the week after, the Cross and Resurrection as signposts of the Kingdom, as well as salvific agents.

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