Friday, April 03, 2009

Cult of the New

One of the pressures I feel in my life is what I think of as the pressure to join the "Cult of the New." What I mean by that is this feeling that everything in life has to be new or fresh or the latest thing. I have a major issue with this in electronic stuff, although some of that has waned as I'm starting to get older.

I feel some of this pressure with blogging as well. When I blog on Fridays, I'd love to have some great new theological point or perspective that make people sit up and think Wow. Or cause them to think differently in some way.

But that's dumb.

Are there new ways of thinking about faith? Of course. There are many ways that I haven't been exposed to before. And sometimes it's simple truths that I just don't think about often enough. Far too often, the "Cult of the New," the desire to do something different just because it's different, can lead us down paths that can lead us away from God, conversely though, it can lead to new insights and experiences that show us truth in a new or unexpected way. There must be spiritual and Scriptural discernment as we approach new ideas, individual and community discernment. Through these, what is negative can be rejected and what is positive can be incorporated.


Suzie said...

Well said, Phil.

Brian said...

I agree. I know people who always want to hear sermons that they haven't heard before. Its a lot of pressure on the preachers and its unrealistic. God can and does speak thru repetition.

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