Thursday, October 23, 2008

YouTube Thursday: He is Like a Mountie!

If you haven't seen this... well, consider this your introduction to the craze that is sweeping the nation. 1.1 million viewers can't be wrong.

Jesus is My Friend!


Rob Cox said...

I'm going to have that song in my head all day now. Thanks a lot.

It's a long way from Third Day isn't it?

DB Carden said...

Oh yes, 1.1 million viewers can be wrong. ZAP!

Brandon Scott said...

hilarious...saw this a few weeks ago!

Jim Voorhies said...

Phil, when I found this last week, I didn't send it to you. That's what friends do.

elizabeth said...

very funny...and also a bit painful!

Thomas McKenzie said...

Not that far from Third Day.

Brandon Scott said...

Father Thomas...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You made me laugh out loud.

Phil...wanna know what's sad? I find myself waiting anxiously on Thursdays now for the SNL prime time special edition. WOW..that has been awesome.

Did you see the interview this morning with Palin and McCain? I KNOW it will be spoofed tonight. Watch.

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