Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Ok, so it wasn't really a debate last night. In fact, we don't really have debates anymore. We have someone asking questions while the candidates desperately search for a way to shoehorn their stump speeches into it. It seems to be the general consensus that Obama "won" the debate, whatever that really means. CNN MSNBC ABC CBS FoxNews Contributors To me, McCain seemed to attack more and Obama seemed to lie back some and then pounce here and there. I thought McCain's best moment was with the Naval Petty Officer, and Obama's was the one about his mother spending her last days fighting insurance companies.

Do these debates help anyone? Or do they really just confirm people's choices?

Oh and if you'd like an alternative election experience, try this. Kung Fu Election :-)

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Ben said...

The debates make me sick. After last night that on my next day off I am going to change my voter registration to Independent. I'm convinced at this point it's the most patriotic thing I can do for now.

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