Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Negotiating with a 2 year old

Sheryl and I are pretty lucky with Connor. He's a pretty good kid, listens to us (mostly), and is even known to do what we tell him to. The one area where this is not true is his eating. And we are trying everything, but he's getting really stubborn about this now. It's almost like he has a block about eating at the table. He likes snacks and stuff and will have fruit or some Goldfish, but as for eating table food, it's almost impossible.

I'm thinking we might have to go with the eat-what's-on-your-plate or nothing idea, because otherwise we might never get him to eat, and if you've ever tried negotiating with a two year old, it's almost impossible.


Tony Arnold said...

It is impossible because the logic part of the brain is not fully developed until around the early twenties.

So at two, it just isn't there. One reason kids are so funny. They are so intelligent, learn so quickly, and can show it. But they don't have the logic to put all the pieces together.

Hilarious results at times, frustrating at others.

Ginger said...

One of my youth ministers went through this with their child. Meals usually ended in tears for most parties involved. Eventually, after something like a year, they gave up trying to force him to eat and just let him be. He was still required to sit at the table and spend dinner time with them. They provided healthy meals, healthy snacks and limited his sugar/sweets intake. About six months later or so (I think), he started eating again. At his next pediatric apptointment, the mom mentioned the situation in passing to the doctor and the doctor stated that this was a normal, developmental thing and that the parents had done exactly what they should have done. You may give it a try or talk to your doctor. Be careful with the whole "eat what is on your plate/clean plate club" situation. This often times "unteaches" our bodies what full is and can lead to very negative eating habits in the long run. Just a thought.

Christy said...

Amen to that...negotiating is impossible. We have had to go the eat this or nothing route and you see that Baylor is not wasting away:)

Laura said...

Check out Jon & Kate Plus Eight. She's managed to master the art of feeding preschoolers. She always says "I'm not a short order cook." Imagine if there were 6 Conners -- all with different requests. You'd both go nuts. Just wait it out. He'll survive. Good luck!

Jim Voorhies said...

As someone who was a member of the clean plate club, just get a profile view to see the results. :)

Kelley said...

Hard as it is on a mom and dad, they won't starve. They will eventually eat when they get hungry enough.
Mom and Dad may need therapy before it's over, but the child will be fine.

Kenneth & Victoria said...

I feel for you. We tried making Grace only eat at dinner time (b/c she would also forego dinner and try to live on snacks) and a month later she was anemic. So some kids are more stubborn than's good for them (I wish I knew where she got that....).

With Amelia, though, we've had more luck--she also turns up her nose at more food than we'd like, but seems to eat often enough to stay healthy. I think with most kids that approach works.


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