Tuesday, May 23, 2006

To Connor:

Connor, I don't know how long the Web is going to last. By the time you're grown, you might have neural implants or some other such thing, but I did want to write this to you before you were born.

Your mom and sister and I are so excited to finally get to meet you. For nine months we've been feeling you move around inside your mom and we're about to get to hold you for real. There is so much in this world that we're excited to show you. Parks and zoos and car rides and all of that kind of stuff. Even Kinsey wants to show you some things and maybe you can take care of bugs for her.

Life is a lot of fun, and the great thing about it is sharing it with someone else. You've got me and Mom and Kinsey, but you've also got grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins that you'll get to be with. But you'll also have so many friends at church. Friends that we've shared special parts of our life with, like a trip to England or worshipping together. Or just playing around. People that love you even before they've met you. These people are as much a gift to you from God as you are to us. Cherish them.

You and I are going to have a lot of fun together, buddy. We're going to see things and do things and be things that neither of us can imagine. I have prayed for you so much and now those prayers are going to come true. I will continue that Jesus will hold you safe every day of your life and that everyday you grow to be more and more like him.

I love you.



Suzie said...

I am praying, too. Little boys can be so much fun and it is a blessing for me to witness the dynamic between David and the boys. I know Sheryl and Kinsey will be equally blessed and at times "grossed out". May God continue to bless you all.

thehomelessguy said...

I too am praying, that your son grows to understand that all people, not just those of your church, or your faith, are a blessing from God as well - that all people are God's creation, and are worthy to be loved by him, and him by them.

shalom 'alekhem

Phil said...

That's a prayer I can get on board with as well.


Adam said...

Dude! You made me tear up! Come on, man, I'm at work!
God bless you guys man. Your son will be blessed to have you, Sheryl, and Kinsey as his family.

Clarissa said...

Sweet, Phil. Sweet. Can't wait to hear all about him and see pics.

Malia said...

AAWWWW!!! ::sniff,sniff:: Who me crying? That sniffing is from allergies, okay, just allergies!

fabricsnob said...

Beautiful, Phil. Connor is already blessed with a wonderful family. I can't wait to meet him!

Ribki said...

Hope all goes well, Phil.

elizabeth said...

So sweet, Phil! I'm looking forward to watching Connor dig in the dirt with all the other boys at the softball games.

Hope this week provides as much peace and rest as possible.

Brandon Scott said...

SO SWEET! Welcome, Conner!

jamey tucker said...

Hey, Congratulations on the coming arrival. Your post makes me remember the first time I saw my son 10 years ago. Laying in the little birthing room crib as they weighed him and took records of his feet and hands, he grabbed my finger as I rolled with the video camera. Every Christmas we watch some of those family videos and you can hear me say "hold on partner. I hope you like baseball."

I'm still holding on.

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