Tuesday, May 02, 2006

One Month Away...

It hit me on Saturday that Sheryl and I are one month (hopefully less, for Sheryl's sake!) away from Connor's birth. It seems so strange because in a lot of ways, this pregnancy has felt like it took a lot longer than Kinsey's. But the truth is, a lot has happened.

For one, it took us quite a bit longer to get pregnant this time than with Kinsey, so we'd been thinking about it for a while. Then, we had the England trip which occupied a lot of the time. Getting back from England, we took a little break from things and then at the end of November, we started hearing rumors of Otter Creek possibly moving buildings. And then Christmas. And then the move was on, but it was happening at the end of February. Then, it was moved up a month and we were meeting in the gym for a month. And then, we moved into the Sanctuary. And when all of that calmed down is when Sheryl and I really started to get cranking on getting Connor's room ready with cleaning carpets, painting the room, painting stripes on the room, moving furniture, putting in a closet system, and putting together the crib again. It's been a very full 9 months.

Of course putting the crib together again would be a lot easier if I could only remember what I did with all the bolts and screws that I took out of it when I took it apart for Kinsey. So, after a week of looking for them, I had to call Simmons and order all the individual widgets and stuff. I would say that I'll remember what I do with them for the next time, but, Lord willing, Connor is it for us.

Some of you might be wondering how Sheryl is doing with the pregnancy. She's in pretty much constant pain. Not like whimpering and crying all the time, but she just FEELS everything she does. Walking up and down stairs. Standing up. Sitting down. Even in bed at night, any time she moves she wakes up. She is ready to not be pregnant anymore. And I don't blame her. Pregnancy is reason #24 of 389 I'm glad to be a guy (Makeup - #8, Pantyhose - #272)

However, I am envious of her for one reason. She gets to feel Connor inside her all the time. Of all the crap that goes along with being pregnant, that's the one thing I wish I could feel. Sure, I get to feel him move through her abdomen, but to actually feel his life growing inside her, to feel him rolling around, to feel him step on her bladder... well, not that one. But it's a very exciting time and as jealous as I am that she's able to feel him, I know that I'm only a month away from holding him myself.


Justin said...

reason number 198 - "That time of the month"

never would i ever want to be a girl.

in all honesty, I think I would flip out if there were a baby inside me. The more I think about it, I'm freaking out now.

Anonymous said...

reason # ?--you think the idea of punting a small dog is funny.

Malia said...

I would have thought that "that time of the month" would have been reason #1.

Yes, for Sheryl's sake, I hope it's sooner than later, but not TOO soon!

Phil said...

I've seen that list, Anonymous.

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