Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Daddy-Daughter Day

I took the day off yesterday to take Kinsey on a field trip to the Nashville Zoo. I got to watch her hang out with some of her friends and her teachers and we walked around everything and got to see giraffes, elephants, tigers, snakes, fish and just a whole slew of animals. It rained and it was cold, but being able to watch Kinsey play and interact with all of her friends was just so much fun to watch. She's still a bit bossy at times, but for the most part, just a sweet little girl.

We went home and I had to do some more work on the Malibu (shortening a radiator hose that I put on a couple of weeks ago) and then Kinsey and I watched The Incredibles together. So much fun. I then had to run out to Wal-Mart to get some more coolant and I went ahead and left Kinsey with Sheryl, but about a half mile down the road, my phone rang and Sheryl told me that Kinsey was upset because I had left. She had got it into her head that she was going with me. So I turned around to get her. Something similar happened last week. I got a call at work and Sheryl put Kinsey on the line. She was sobbing and said, "I miss you, Daddy. Why are you at work?" I tried to reassure her, but it's in moments like that that my daddy heart just feels like it's going to explode. To be so wanted, to be so loved.

I know we're probably going to go through a rough time when Connor's born (hopefully very soon), but she's always going to be my little girl and I will always remember days like yesterday.

In Connor news, Sheryl did have the ultrasound on Friday. Everything looks good. So good, in fact that the doctor said that unless Connor came on his own earlier, he wasn't going to induce until May 25. Urgh. Sheryl is ready to go NOW. But the womb is the safest place for him (and it's DEFINITELY a him), so he'll come when he comes. Thanks for the prayers and the thoughts.


greg said...

my daughter and I went to the zoo here in LR this past saturday and had a great time as well. i love days like that too. not much that is better.

she also always wants to go with me whenever I run "to the store" for something. sometimes I'm tired and in a hurry, and want to just go and get it over with, and know she'll slow me down, but I take her anyway and am always glad I did.

she had a rough time for a while when her little brother was born a couple of years ago. it was difficult for her to understand why the baby needed so much attention (especially since she'd received all of the attention before that.) But she's been great and is now a great big sister.

Tony Arnold said...

Those "Daddy, why do you have to leave and go to work?", "Why do you have to go out of town?", and "we don't play enough together!" comments are very tough on Daddy's heart. They kill me.

I appreciate your words Phil.


Brandon Scott said...

you went to the zoo? Is that allowed?

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