Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Looking into a Mirror

Special post today.

Sometimes it takes someone else to hold a mirror to you to make you look into it. I generally consider the early Simpsons episodes to have some of the best commentary of church culture, but I've found another one now. Courtesy of Michael Bells, in Ontario, I present King of the Hill.


Justin said...




that was both hilarious and depressing.

Malia said...

So when are we getting our coffee bar?

Clarissa said...

A mirror? You see OC that way?

Phil said...

Maybe. Do you? :-)

Clarissa said...

Only the three screens resonated. OC seems much more familial and intimate to me. But, perhaps things have changed amazingly dramatically since we visited last month.

Phil said...

Maybe it's looking into a possible future mirror.

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