Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Finding Out

Sheryl, Kinsey, and I go in on Friday to find out about the baby. And I say that deliberately. A lot of the focus of the 5 month ultrasound is finding out the sex of the baby and that's the big deal. You start figuring out toys and clothes and the color of the nursery and all that fun stuff. I'm looking forward to it and thinking about names.

However, I also know that the 5 month ultrasound is when people find out about problems their child might have. We have friends who discovered that their child would be lucky to survive the birthing process and in fact did, but only survived for a day or so after that. Joe and Laura Hays in NYC discovered that their son had a condition called CDH, that he is still struggling mightly with and is having trouble right now (please pray for them).

I don't like to think negatively, but I do wonder how I would handle news that our child might have problems or issues or something "wrong." I feel a lot of sympathy for people like the Hays who go through problems like Ira is having and sometimes I feel a little guilty praying that our child won't have those problems. But I do pray that and hope that, and I hope you will join me in that prayer.

And if God doesn't answer that one, I pray that He will give us the strength to handle any problems that might come up.


Tony Arnold said...

Praying for an all clear ultrasound!

I let you pray for the sex...

...of the baby.


Anonymous said...

A little Phil running around in this world? Girl girl girl girl girl girl.


Clarissa said...

Too funny, Daren. I was going to say to Phil -- "Don't worry about a thing, she'll be just fine."

Can't wait to find out if we're right!

Phil said...

Sheryl has the same feeling. We'll see...

Malia said...

I don't know, I think a boy would pretty cool myself. But of course, having one of each, I'm pretty biased.

Amy said...

I posted here a couple days ago, but it must be lost somewhere in the blogosphere!

Hope the ultrasound goes well today - I'll be anxious to hear the news!

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