Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Son

Well, any of you that read on Friday (before the Battlestar Galactica post[Great show! And another cliffhanger?!?]) know that the ultrasound showed us a boy. Sheryl and I are very excited and Sheryl was a little bit surprised as she was totally convinced it was a girl. His first name will be John, like mine and my dad's and my grandfather's, but we haven't decided on the middle name which will be what he goes by.

As I've said before, I would have been ecstatic over a child of either sex, but I will admit that the idea of having a son is really exciting. Of course, there are new challenges, such as remembering to point south while changing the diaper.

But the most interesting one so far has been thinking about clothes, and this works on two levels:

1) Buying them. Sheryl and I went to Target on our usual weekend trip (toiletries are cheaper there than at the grocery store). We walked over to the boys section for the first time and were kind of at a loss. For the last 5 years, we've been buying all of these frilly, lacy, pretty things with bows and ribbons and stuff that Kinsey just loves (we can't get her out of her Sunday dresses when we get home from church). Now we go over to the boys area and are looking around and thinking, "Wait. How do we do this? It's not cute as we've been thinking about it for a while." So our whole thinking will be changing on that.

2) Baby Shower. Since we've announced that we're having a boy, two people have suggested that we do a shower for this one. And honestly, I'm torn on it. On the one hand, we are going to need clothes for the little guy. And having other people give them to us would be great. On the other hand, we had one for Kinsey and I wonder if all the fuss is necessary. There are quite a few people at church with boys that we might be able to borrow clothes from. Especially considering that I think there have been close to 200 babies born in the last 5 years at Otter Creek. But that decision is ultimately out of my hands and gratefully so.

At any rate, we're very excited and Kinsey's excited. Now we have to paint another room, move the stuff out of that room and feel the house grow a tad smaller but in the best way possible. Thanks again for all the thoughts and prayers.


Adam said...

Congratulations again, Phil. Dana and I couldn't be more excited for you and your family. May God bless your Son.

Chris said...

Congrats! We are in the same boat, just facing the opposite way - two boys. Every Christmas and Easter, I just walk by the pretty little frilly dresses and sigh - and then head over to the "all denim all the time" section...

Tony Arnold said...

Phil, have Sheryl talk to Anita. We very rarely if ever have bought new clothes for Maria and Anita gets compliments all the time on Maria's outfits.

Anita is a master at bargain and free clothing that is of great quality and looks good too.

Am I blessed or what!


Tiffany said...

Showers are more about us getting to celebrate with you than what you get, anyway. Although it's always fun to get presents.

And, you can always specify "no clothes" or create a clothes-free registry or whatever. I've always found that diapers are a big hit as a baby-shower gift.

Congrats again! And might I suggest "Lucius" as the middle name? ;)

Phil said...

You might suggest Lucius, but it won't happen. It would have been as effective as suggesting Pansy for Kinsey 5 years ago.

hey now, if we do the shower, we need the clothes. And I hope you're not using the Plural "you" for the celebration. I've gone to exactly 1 baby shower in my life and that will be all. I am fully in favor of single sex showers. Ahem. Single sex baby showers.

Clarissa said...

Hardy-har-har ...

Anonymous said...



Tony Arnold said...

Thor is cool!


Phil said...

"John Thor Wilson"?

I don't think so.

Tony Arnold said...

John T Wilson sounds good. But you call him Thor.

Only problem is you don't know what physically your son will look like as he grows older.

Thor would be a tough name for 5-11, 140 pound high schooler.

6-3, 240 linebacker, Thor would be awesome.

How about Mark? John Mark Wilson.


Phil said...

No, we're really thinking multisyllabic for the middle name, especially with a monosyllabic first name.

btw, has anybody ever wondered why "monosyllabic" has so many syllables?

Clarissa said...


Tony Arnold said...

You want multisyllabic--go with Treebeards real name.

That should do it.


LB said...

you're totally having a shower so just come to terms with it. I promise I'll prevent Tiffany and Melody from embossing everything with a Vine family crest. But I do see a "PHIL!" onesy in your future!

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